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WENO Exchange Launches the Cure for Pharmacy Sticker Shock Across the NewCrop eRx Network

Innovative New e-Prescribing Plug-In — BSURE — Delivers Patient-Specific Drug Price Transparency to e-Prescribing Physicians


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2015 --Today WENO Exchange LLC and NewCorp Inc. announced the launch of the new drug price transparency program, called BSURE, across the NewCrop eRx Network. BSURE will give 20,000 e-Prescribers early access to drug prices at the point of care — before they decide & send the prescription to the pharmacy. The BSURE plug in works independently on the physician's electronic health record (EHR) and delivers the drug price by super coordinating all of a patient's known drug benefits such as those from a health plan, a pharmaceutical coupon, and WENO's BSURE cash discount card.

BSURE is the perfect cure for a chronic healthcare problem — prescription abandonment due to sticker shock at the pharmacy counter. Last year, the rate at which new prescriptions were submitted to pharmacies but never picked up by customers — the abandonment rate — reached 6.3 percent, a stunning 24 percent increase over 2008, when the rate was 5.1 percent, according to Wolters Kluwer Pharma Solutions, a market research company that conducted the survey.

"Drug abandonment triggers a chain reaction of problems for patients, physicians, pharmacies, pharmaceutical brands, generics, and insurance companies," said Tina Goodman, CEO of WENO Exchange and inventor of BSURE. "When patients do not get the drugs they need to treat their problem, it leaves them at risk for worsened health, hospitalization, & even death. For physicians, this means dealing with disgruntled patients and increased administrative costs. Pharmacies bare the cost & frustration of filling and restocking the medication. Drug companies lose the same while insurance companies take on more risk. Drug price transparency, at the e-Prescriber's point of care, is the major key to reducing prescription abandonment caused by pharmacy sticker shock. It is no surprise to me that every single physician I've shown BSURE to agrees with me and emphasizes the need is great! I'm glad NewCrop was listening!"

NewCrop eRx network is deploying BSURE in stages. Currently their e-Prescribers see the drug's average cash discount price when the BSURE cash discount card is referred.

With drug price information at their fingertips, physicians will be able to discuss the drug's efficacy and costs with patients in their offices, thereby, mitigating the negative sticker-shock experience. If the patient is not willing to pay the price for the drugs recommended, doctors can recommend therapeutic alternatives.

WENO Exchange is in the process of qualifying up to 50 pharmaceutical brands to have their coupon benefits coordinated with BSURE on the NewCrop eRx Network. The early brand drugs selected by WENO for early adoption of BSURE will have unique e-Prescribing point of care data and benefit coordination not previously available to their industry. It plans to launch BSURE to a wider audience of physicians, health plans and pharmaceutical brands in 2016.

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About WENO Exchange LLC
Weno Exchange LLC (WENO) is an ePrescribing (eRX) network based in Austin, Texas that specializes in drug price transparency through advanced drug benefit coordination. When established in 2011, WENO was hailed as an innovative competitor in an otherwise dominated ePrescribing network market. For more information, go to http://www.wenoexchange.com