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Western Washington Hoarder Cleaning Service Is Changing Lives


Marysville, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2017 --There is a local Western Washington area hoarder cleaning service that is really making a difference in the community. In fact, they have been making a positive impact for just about 20 years at this point, and their reputation has allowed them to expand their service areas. The company that we are referring to is Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning, and their story is an instructive one.

Of course it is important for every business to turn a profit. However, it is especially gratifying for entrepreneurs when they can go home from work every day with the knowledge that they helped someone who had nowhere else to turn. This is exactly what the founder of Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning experiences each and every day.

Her name is Theresa Borst, and she decided back in 1998 that she wanted to help people who were experiencing very difficult circumstances. In addition to this highly regarded hoarder cleaning service, she is also the owner of a company called Bio Clean that responds to crime scene cleanup and biohazard waste removal scenarios.

A person who can be described as a hoarder will face a lot of challenges that are very hard to address. Clearly, if you haven't been able to get rid of anything for years, why would today be the day? Plus, even if you feel as though you could get through it, you may not have the physical capabilities. A lot of people in this situation are not aware of the fact that there is a local Western Washington hoarder cleaning service available to them, but fortunately, the news has been spreading.

As you might imagine, some very deep cleaning is usually going to be necessary after all of the clutter has been removed. This is another area of expertise for Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning, and they can address any type of situation, because they have biohazard waste removal certifications.

They say that a person will eat for a day if you give them a fish, but they will eat for a lifetime if you teach them how to fish. With this in mind, Compassion & Comfort Care Cleaning can connect their clients with hoarding treatment counselors, so they provide a truly life changing service to their clients.

About Compassion and Comfort Care Cleaning
Compassion and Comfort Care Cleaning is a hoarder cleaning service that serves Bellevue, Washington and other communities around the state.