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What Happens When Even the Fitness Specialists Get Fat?

Fitness Studio develops workout circuit and Fitness Genie for busy professionals.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/10/2007 -- It’s no news that Americans are struggling with their weight. What makes matters worse is that losing weight is only half the battle. According to the US Center for Disease and Prevention, 3 out of 4 people who lose weight using the traditional approach to dieting regain the weight within one year and regain all of the weight within 5 years. In an effort to combat the problem, Americans spend an estimated 6 billion dollars a year on diet products and advice from fitness experts. But what happens when even the fitness experts start getting fat?

“I was the fat kid,” is the first line that drew people to TrainChange: Fat Loss, a book by Al Smith, Jr. that details the unique strategy he used to overcome his lifelong struggle with being overweight and how he was able to use the strategy to help others overcome their battle as well.

Today, however, you wouldn’t be able to recognize him by the chiseled six-pack he was once able to promote on the cover of his book because he too has started to regain the weight.

“Like most people, once I hit 30 my body definitely changed. But, the biggest change was in my priorities,” he says. Like many people struggling with their weight, his gradual relapse began after opening his own gym called the TrainChange Fitness Studio, where he now spends more time taking care of clients than himself. “The easy thing to say is that I’m simply getting older and that’s why I’m not as physically fit as I was in the past. But I will not allow that to be an excuse!”

As a solution Al recently implemented “TrainChange 5/3”, an innovative style of indoor cycling and circuit training that allows people to drop by his studio any time of day to get a full body workout and nutrition guidance, in just 53 minutes. Better yet, those who can’t make it to his studio can benefit from the TrainChange online “Fitness Genie”, a virtual training program that allows clients to create their own TrainChange 5/3 workouts and customized nutrition plans.

“The bottom line is that I had lost the balance in my life required to take care of myself with the additional responsibilities that come with age. Our lives are always in a state of change,” says Al, “and the ones that are going to survive are the ones that can change with it.” He admits the primary reason for his relapse is that the priorities in his life have changed.

But once again, Al has committed himself to learning from his own mistakes and using his experiences to help others.

And yet, as a firm believer that everyone has the ability to change their situation in life, he says that regardless of how the TrainChange strategy simplifies the process of following exercise plans and creating nutrition plans, your success is ultimately based upon the amount of time you’re willing to invest into taking care of yourself.