Stacey J. Miller

What Happens when You Spread a Secret?

Author of Rumorang Creates Characters Who Teach Children the Hazards of Rumors


Randolph, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2017 --Can you keep a secret? Neither can Roger, Renaldo, Rico, and the other characters created by Janice Brown, author of the children's book, Rumorang (Blue Forest Press, 2016). But that's okay, because according to Brown, learning about sharing secrets can be great teaching opportunities for parents, educators, and others caregivers of children.

For her book, Rumorang, Brown created a culturally diverse group of children who learn the hazards of spreading secrets about their friends. The story begins when Sam tells his friend, Roger, that he likes their classmate, Petunia, and he wants to have lunch with her. Roger shares the news with a few friends, who end up twisting the messages as they pass them to more and more friends, until they finally reach Petunia. Rumors continue to spread as Petunia's angry words are sent through the playground in the opposite direction.

So goes the "rumorang," which is a play on the words "rumor" and "boomerang." In the playground that Brown writes about, rumors lead to misunderstandings; misunderstandings lead to hurt feelings; and hurt feelings may lead to lost friendships.

About Janice Brown
Brown, who is the mother of two sons, works as an anti-bias trainer for teachers and students, believes in teaching children the importance of words. "Our words matter. When we make the mistake of talking about others and perpetuating rumors, it can be damaging to the person the rumors are about, the community, and even ourselves," Brown points out. "When we use words to stand up for ourselves and others, to say no when something is not okay and to speak the truth, our words can be powerful and not only change our lives but our world as well."

By Janice Brown
Illustrated by Lane Raichert
Blue Forest Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-692-77737-4