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What Is Sage 50C (Formerly Peachtree)?

Now you can access your Data from any location when your data is in the Sage Drive Cloud!


Glen Dale, WV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/16/2016 --(In this discussion, we are only referring to the USA version, not the Canadian version. What is Sage 50C?)

It is Sage 50 release 2016.2 with remote access from anywhere you have high speed internet access, an internet browser, and the same version of Sage 50 installed. This is only available when you have a Subscription support plan that was purchased or upgraded after April 1, 2016.

When you go to the Sage site, they say "Online access or desktop security? Choose Both" That does not tell you much.

Let me try to explain exactly what you are getting so you can make an educated decision on which Sage 50 solution is best for your business. Currently Sage is selling Sage 50 with three different types of support plans. Subscription, Basic and Traditional.

This article will focus on Sage 50C subscription, but we will also mention Basic and Traditional a little later so you can see all options.

Sage 50c comes as a Subscription plan only. You have the ability to work in the Sage cloud, but you can also work on your desktop. For the first time ever, you can push your Sage 50 data from the desktop to the cloud and work from anywhere. It is perfect for you, your accountant, your bookkeeper, or any employee who needs to work remotely —anywhere you have Sage 50 installed with Internet access. Available exclusively by subscription, Sage 50c expands your reach to locations outside the office. Your data is safe, secure, and always accessible. Cloud data automatically syncs with the desktop so you can be certain that everyone is working on the latest information. Now you can easily collaborate with your accountant. No more USBs, no more backups! You control Sage 50 with remote access for up to 5 users. access and rights for each user, and remote users retain the same permissions that you assigned from your desktop software. It's the same Sage 50 US version software, just more accessible and convenient.

FAQ'S- Of Sage 50C Subscription

If you are using Sage 50 on the Cloud, can you also use it on your desktop at the same time?

Answer: Currently, NO. If your data is in the cloud, only one person can access the data in the cloud at one time. When it is in the cloud, it cannot be accessed by others on the desktop.

How many people can you have access the cloud data?

Answer: 5 people may have cloud access but only one person can access the cloud at a time.

How many people can use the desktop while the data is on the cloud?

Answer: None

Does the data automatically backup to the cloud nightly?

Answer: No, only when you move it to the cloud.

Do I still need a remote backup if my data is in the cloud?

Answer: Yes, the cloud is not a replacement for backing up your data. We recommend Enveloc.

If I have a Traditional Perpetual license and I want to move to Sage 50C, what is the cost?

Answer: Please contact us and we will price this out for you. It will depend on when you purchased your software and how many months are left in your active agreement with Sage, if any.

If my Sage 50C subscription expires, what happens to my data?

Answer: Your data will reside on your machine and you will have access to the data but you cannot make any modifications to the data unless you renew your subscription.

Do I have to purchase subscription? Can I still purchase a perpetual license?

Yes you may still purchase a perpetual license if you don't want to purchase Sage 50C. You may choose from one of the 2 perpetual versions below:

1.) Basic – Now only available in retail outlets or for International sales only. It includes 3 support calls to Sage within the first year of ownership. If you purchase the retail version and live in the USA when you call Sage to activate your serial number, they will most likely enroll you in a subscription plan! If you are outside the US, you can have the Basic software plan and don't have to renew or upgrade. Your software will become obsolete but it will not stop working like the subscription software after one year. Click here for more information.

2.) Traditional– The only Sage 50 US version perpetual license sold for use in the USA. It includes updates and unlimited Sage support for one year. It has a very reasonable renewal price. If you purchase traditional and renew traditional every year, the the software perpetual license plan with its low renewal rate will be grandfathered. If you fail to renew and want to come back to Traditional in the future, Sage has the right to renew you in subscription only. If you are in Traditional, we highly recommend you renew every year to keep your price down. Subscription renewals are usually more costly. Click here for more information.

Where can I purchase Sage 50C?

Answer: You may purchase this, if you are a new user to Sage 50, on our website Here are direct links… Buy Sage 50C Quantum, Buy Sage 50C Premium, Buy Sage 50C Pro If you are upgrading your software, please call us for pricing.

All versions of Sage 50 Software comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied after 60 days, we'll refund your money. (new users only)

Plus, as a customer you'll enjoy:

- Unlimited access to North America-based phone, chat, and email support.

- Automatic product updates for one year after purchase or as long as you are in a "Current /Active" plan with Sage.

- Excel-based intelligence reporting.

- Access to payroll and payment solutions. (Must purchase the payroll module at an additional cost)

For more information, See our video on Sage 50C

Who is behind Best Business Strategies and how do we know so much about Sage 50?

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