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"What Sugar Babies Want Are Way More Than Just Luxury"—Said by the Researcher in Ivy League

A survey from sugar daddy app SugarD conducted on College sugar babies finds that they want more than just luxury.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/23/2018 --Recently, a pretty and young Asian girl's video burst out on Youtube. Her name is Anne Smith. The reason why she got so much attention was that she uploaded a show-off video about her friends and herself driving Maserati, Ferrari and other luxury cars, racing boldly on a narrow road. This triggered deep thinking of the public: Why such a young-looking girl has so many luxuries? After plenty of unstoppable guesses, it turned out that the girl is a user of SugarD app. As a student in Cornell, she was acquainted with several sugar daddies and had been in several relationships at the same time. All sugar babies' purposes on their sugar daddies are luxuries? We believe it's far more complicated than that.

As one of the most popular sugar daddy app in the world, SugarD has over 1.3 million users, 850 thousand of which are sugar babies seeking arrangement, the other 450 thousand are sugar daddies. As illustrated on the user's registration information in US, 360 thousand sugar babies are from colleges or universities.

Recently, to find out what the sugar babies want the most, our researchers did some surveys on 3000 sugar babies in five universities, including Cornell, Brown, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of San Diego, and the University of Texas at Austin.

After going over the survey results, we found that there are only 30% of these students aiming at acquiring financial support from their sugar daddies. 11% of them just want traveling expenses. 12.6% of them come to sugar daddies for that they are not able to pay for the expensive tuition neither by themselves nor their families. Among them, 35% are foreign students from some developing countries, such as China, Turkey and so on. The largest student group still remains to be those who want luxuries. They account for 40%. Betty W, a cute girl from Brown, not only has a pretty face, but also with a perfect body, admitted that she has found her sugar daddy John on SugarD, who's willing to meet her every demand, no matter how costly it is. "I will continue this relationship even if I no longer need the money. Because for me, John is more than a man who's willing to buy me a Coach that worth much, but a man who cares and looks out for me", Betty said, with a sense of contentment on her face. That leads to the last proportion of students who consider sugar daddy as the mentor or companion for themselves. 5% students find themselves alone without any boyfriend-to-be available around, or just need an experienced adult to teach them some lessons about the reality, so they come to sugar daddy for help, either to find a companionship, or just to get some suggestions for life or career.

While Tinder and Bumble are seriously at war, heat keep growing on many other dating APPs.

SugarD has fought its' own way into the prime list, with a better price and simpler interface. "Our goal is to make more fun and dig out your needs even if they didn't exist before", said by Justin R, the CEO of SugarD.

Now SugarD is available both in Apple Store and Google play store.