What's the Best Way of App Promotion?

Top 6 Ways to Promote App


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2015 --There are several ways an app publishers can promote their apps so that the app can gain popularity and more use. However, the best way for app advertising or app promotion would depend on the one that brought the publisher more popularity, sales and uses. The type of app you are publishing would also determine the mode you would apply in advertising it. Here are some very good ways of app promotion. The following ways will not fail to show the results.

Create a Demo video: In app advertising, using demo video would do the magic for they. For a desktop app for example, create a humorous and informative video that shows how the app works. This would definitely sell the app. They can also share the demo video on social networks, publish it on their YouTube channel or use it for television adverts to popularize the app.

Consider Other App Stores:

In app advertising, do not just stick to the more popular app stores like Google Play or Android stores. Consider other app stores online for their app promotion. App stores like AppBrain, AppLib, GetJar, and Amazon App store are also very good. Advertising their desktop app here also increase its download and popularity better than in Google Play or Android stores.

Apply for Awards:

This another very good way for app promotion or advertising app. When they participate in app awards, it will popularize their app by giving the app lots of press, exposure, reviews and plenty of downloads. Examples of app awards webs are Best App Ever Awards, Apply Awards, Appsters Awards, and OZApp.

TV Advertising:

Though this means could be expensive, it is one sure way to get the best in app advertising and app promotion. People are able to watch the app advert, get useful information about the app and go for it immediately. Research has shown that people watch TV with their phones, tablets and computer close by. What they see advertised, they immediately go online for it. So you can adopt this method to promote their desktop app or any other app to increase its download.

Using SEO/Social Media:

As people key-in related queries, their app's URL should show up. In this way,their app is getting known and downloaded fast. Also, they can use social media platforms in app advertising. They can share their desktop app link, demo and pictures to their contacts and friends on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Constantly update and share useful information about their app on fan page, blog or group page. Join groups of like minds where they can do app promotion freely.

Celebrity Endorsements:

This is a costly but very effective way for app advertising. A lot of people believe in celebrities and whatever they say. If they can get some celebrities to endorse your app, it will cumulate into more downloads and uses for their app. Spread the endorsement on social media, TV adverts, billboards adverts and other media to get people to see the app being use by the celebrity and their app will go places.

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