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When Are Family Lawyers Necessary

The family lawyers at Kushner Group explain their role in assisting clients going through separation or divorce


Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/28/2018 --Family law is one of the most difficult and delicate aspects of the law. Clients typically need a family lawyer in order to commence or respond to a family claim, following a separation in a marriage or common-law relationship. When it comes to helping clients navigate the legal process and protect their rights, a good family lawyer is a valuable resource that can minimize the emotional stress and costly litigation associated with relationship breakdown and separation.

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For most people, a family lawyer will only come into play if their partner has instigated a separation, or if there are ongoing support and custodial issues. Family lawyers use the Family Law Act to ensure clients receive a favourable outcome with respect to spousal and child support, family property and debt division, and the custody, guardianship and parenting time of children, on both an interim and final basis.

However, hiring a family lawyer is no longer a purely reactionary step. Increasingly, people are seeking relationship agreements to protect themselves and their assets from future potential litigation.

While it may not be romantic, it can become more difficult to negotiate once a couple is living together. While it is not imperative to enter into a relationship agreement prior to cohabitation, it is wise to obtain legal advice early on in the relationship so that you and your partner can reach a fair agreement that protects both your interests.

As experienced family lawyers in Vancouver, the team at Kushner Law Group can represent clients through all stages of separation or divorce. While exercising skills, knowledge, experience, and compassion, they can help clients understand the Family Law Act while ensuring their needs and interests are being addressed.

Clients who need advice are encouraged to call Kushner Law Group to schedule a consultation and speak with an experienced family lawyer. Consultations are available in English or Spanish.

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