When the Market Is Turbulent, It Is Better to Discuss the Future of Digital Currency with Other Investors in Mainstream Exchanges


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2021 --On the evening of February 22nd, Bitcoin suffered a short-term sharp drop, from a high of about $57,000 to $47,790. After that, there was still a slight rebound, but it is still in a downward trend. CryptoQuant disclosed data that since Bitcoin began to rise to $58,000, Bitcoin miners have increased Bitcoin sales. In the past month, there have been several large outflows of Bitcoins from Bitcoin miners' wallets. In mid-January, there were two large outflows of funds, namely 12690 BTC and 12570 BTC. On January 29, the miners transferred approximately 16,600 BTC from the wallet. But at present, including MicroStrategy, Square, Fundstrat and other institutions are still optimistic about Bitcoin, and they all believe that Bitcoin will continue to rise in the future.

Of course, the reason for Bitcoin's decline may not be so simple. At this time, it is very important to communicate with other investors. Because it involves when to buy Bitcoin to maximize revenue.

In fact, the current mainstream Bitcoin exchanges are very much like a closed space. If investors want to absorb a large number of opinions, they are very dependent on financial portals and various off-market social software groups. This will bring up a series of problems, such as too many opinions on the portal and too long articles. Investors need to be busy with their own business, and it is impossible to have a lot of time to absorb the opinions brought by these long papers. After all, investors' time is so fragmented that they cannot digest the content of the article in a short time. Secondly, if you take advantage of the group chat function of various software, it is likely to bring about a lot of security risks and so-called open talk. After all, you don't know whether this view was put forward by someone who actually holds the project. These will undoubtedly greatly increase the learning cost of digital currency transactions.

Therefore, I need to give you a breakdown of some of the thoughtful functions of the mainstream Bitcoin exchange ZB.com. The first thing I want to talk about is the group chat function. As a leading exchange, ZB.com broke the entire digital currency exchange market in one fell swoop, leaving investors in a state of isolation. The group chat function of ZB.com can accommodate a lot of people. In this way, many opinions will appear in the group chat function of ZB.com, which is a good opportunity to share the best of the people. When a lot of opinions are in front of investors, investors can filter some useful information according to their own perceptions, and become a step to help them invest. Similarly, investors can also share their opinions in the group chat function to help others or to correct others.

The group chat function is a very good innovation in mainstream bitcoin exchanges. In my opinion, it is an operation that puts investors and users first. In addition, the current market situation is very good, and seizing the opportunity to invest is a behavior that can be rewarded by yourself. Then it is better to listen to the opinions of others to correctly judge when this opportunity will arrive.