Which Crypto Exchange to Choose to Invest in Cryptocurrency? Choosing a Good Exchange Can Save More Principal


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2021 --2020 is undoubtedly a year of fierce trading competition. Investors, whether they are with so-called financial ideals or dreams of getting rich, have joined the ranks of exchanges. The difficulty of choosing to become an exchange at an improper time can be imagined.

Will the blockchain asset exchange become the bridge of the future financial transaction medium? Many industry practitioners have a lot of doubts, and for investors and users, the future functions and value of blockchain assets will be reflected in those aspects, which are also the hot spots for investors and practitioners.

At present, potential issues such as transaction throughput, interoperability, security, transaction services and user experience involved in digital asset trading platforms. It is difficult for the exchange to realize its full potential. There are many problems to be solved, and the current aspects are the most important problems currently being solved.

The first thing on the table is the conscience of the exchange.

As we all know, ZB.com is very user-friendly and has launched very affordable activities some time ago.

According to the official announcement, in order to thank users for their long-term support to the platform, ZB.com has opened a VIP event for recharge. Both new and old users of the platform can participate, and they can get VIP level by recharging and enjoy VIP rates and rights. During the event, users can recharge their assets at ZB.com and reach a certain asset threshold to enjoy spot VIP rates. This VIP event cannot be said to have made little profit. Users need to recharge the following 16 asset currencies to be included in the new recharge assets: BTC, USDT, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, BSV, TRX, ETC, XRP, DASH, DOT, NEO, UNI, ADA, FIL. During the event, the system will judge whether the asset threshold for upgrading VIP is met according to the amount of new recharged assets accumulated by the user at 1:00 every day. If the system meets the requirements, the VIP rate will be automatically upgraded. The VIP rate will take effect immediately, and you will receive a SMS/email reminder after it takes effect.

ZB.com implemented a brand-new VIP system to lower the barriers to access and lower transaction fees. Starting in August last year, at ZB.com, you can not only use ZB points to directly purchase VIPs, but you can also lock up a certain amount of ZB points to become VIPs. VIP member rate discounts can be superimposed with ZB deductions, up to a minimum of 0.03%.

Secondly, VIP rights have been strengthened, and UP mainstream assets will be more profitable after the iteration. Although the VSYS LaunchPad on ZB.com in 2019 is very popular, it may only benefit a few people. As a result, the brand was upgraded to ZB UP. After the upgrade in the second half of the year, UP will still focus on half-price rush purchases of mainstream assets, and the launch will become more normal.

It is really the conscience of mainstream Bitcoin exchanges to give back to users with their own profits, and maybe it is here.