White River Academy

White River Academy Announces Monthly Webinar Series

Dr. Daniel Sanderson presents “Developmental Vacation” on teen behavioral health


Delta, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/14/2014 --White River Academy boarding school now features monthly webinar installments, offering a litany of seminars from guest speakers. The webinars will be part of a CEU event featuring healthcare professionals speaking on various mental and behavioral health issues, open to both professionals and parents.

The inaugural webinar will feature clinical psychologist Dr. Daniel Sanderson presenting his vacation treatment model, an out-of-the-box approach to treating teen problem behaviors, educating both therapists and parents on effective strategies for disrupting the adolescent’s “developmental vacation” contributing to their issues.

“White River is one of the few programs that actually focuses on the skills and paradigm shifts it takes for a boy to become a man,” said Robin Reber, Admissions Director and Outreach Specialist at White River Academy.

“There is a peaceful calm at White River. There is strength, order, dignity, respect, purpose, insight and hope. These young men come from good families who earnestly desire a better path for their sons and entrust their children with us. That is a trust we protect and cherish,” said Reber.

About White River Academy
White River Academy provides males aged 12 to 17 whom are suffering from behavioral and mental health issues with a structured environment, utilizing experiential and developmental treatment models to identify and treat negative behavioral patterns. In addition to treating disorders common in teens such as anxiety and depression, oppositional defiant disorder and mood disorders, they also emphasize community service and offer a challenging academic curriculum. They are one of the few boarding schools offering full-time classrooms and teachers, preparing our students for college after graduation.

White River employs traditional forms of psychotherapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy as well as alternative approaches like the aforementioned webinar series-focused vacation treatment model, resolving negative patterns of behavior and guiding adolescents into adulthood by strengthening their values and character.

White River Academy utilizes an experiential therapeutic approach, encouraging teens to examine their actions and thought processes contributing to their condition, finding healthier alternatives to dealing with the things that trigger their issues. They also foster a positive peer culture throughout the program, focusing on interaction between students in order to build interpersonal skills and increase their chances for success after graduation.  

If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling your teen in White River Academy boarding school, contact the Admissions Team today at 866-546-1245 or visit www.whiteriveracademy.com