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White River Academy Obtains SEVIS Certificate

New certification allows White River Academy to accept foreign students


Delta, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2014 --In response to a growing number of requests from all over the world, White River Academy has applied for and been granted its SEVIS certification. This certification will allow White River to accept any foreign clients from countries which have entry clearance by the U.S. for treatment.

The SEVIS certification is vital to any school who wishes to enroll international students. This certificate acknowledges that White River Academy has been cleared by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security after enduring a rigorous assessment of its facilities, procedures and licensing.

This new certification allows White River Academy the opportunity to broaden its horizons, while also providing needed services for adolescents around the world who are struggling with mental health disorders and addiction. White River is able to admit new foreign students immediately and has already been serving students from Puerto Rico.

"This gives us the ability to work with students from multiple cultures," said Justin Neilson, the School Administrator at White River Academy. "We don't have to be selective about those who need treatment. It also allows us the ability to see how treatment may work in other countries. "

White River has already been receiving requests from our neighbors in Mexico and Canada, and others in countries such as Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and England. Teachers are able to help with language barriers and also with cross-cultural interaction. Not only are students provided with top-of-the-line treatment, but they are also given the opportunity to expand their opportunities as they relate to others from different cultures and learn a new language.

"I am probably most excited for the gifts and opportunities this offers our students," said Nielson.

Foreign students are provided with translators who will be hired on an as-needed basis.  These translators can help students and families in person, on the phone and even over Skype. The Academy also provides an English Second Language (ESL) teacher on-site and an English Language Learners (ELL) class so students are able to learn English. They are encouraged to speak English with their fellow students and staff members to aid them in becoming fluent quickly and easily. In addition to opening communication between staff and students, this also provides the Academy's adolescent clients with advantages that can open up new job opportunities and career paths for them as they master a new language and learn to understand new cultures.

"I'm most excited about our ability to help the families who don't have the needed resources where they live," said Robin Reber, Outreach Specialist and Admission Director. "I'm also excited that this is increasing the dialogue between different countries. Global interaction happens person by person. Globally, it helps to strengthen humanity."

About White River Academy
White River Academy offers treatment for males aged 12 to 17 who are suffering from behavioral and mental health issues and substance abuse. The Academy provides a structured environment and uses experiential and developmental treatment methods, including traditional psychotherapy and alternative forms of therapy, to identify and treat harmful behavioral patterns. White River makes sure to emphasize community service, encourages teens to think about their actions and their thought processes, search for healthy coping mechanisms, fosters positive peer support and offers a challenging academic curriculum. The location is equipped with classrooms and teachers to help resident adolescents prepare for college, along with a well-trained and experienced staff.

For more information on enrollment at White River Academy, please contact their Admissions team at 866-546-1245, or visit http://www.whiteriveracademy.com today.