Perchingtree Solutions Inc.

Who Needs Another Artificial Mind?

Startup firm launches intriguing solutions for human empowerement based on an anomaly insight that technological innovation is going through a bullwhip effect which will taper off in the next few months putting humans back in the drivers seat.


Calgary, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2015 --A Calgary based professional services firm is entering the global market with training, advisory and consulting services based on insights drawn from the cusp of Artificial Intelligence, Technical Remote Viewing, Neuroscience, Complex Systems, multiple variants of evolutionary as well as personality psychology. The startup was conceptualized on the anomaly insight, that the research driving technological innovation should "pay backwards" and improve human productivity & efficiency rather than replacing humans in the process.

Technology invented by humans is becoming our biggest competitor, it is increasing unemployment, it is creating a technology bullwhip effect, where too much capital, resources and effort is being focused on incremental products and services with reducing need. On a spectrum, where one end is resolving psychological or mental health issues and the other end is improving human performance and productivity, technological innovation should be used to improve the second part of the spectrum.

Research driving technological innovation should create sustainable economies and communities. We believe that the current direction of technology will meet a dampener on the way, when "law of diminishing returns" will unfold. As incumbents to technology's directionless growth, humans need to learn the core skills that have helped us maintain an edge, while learning from our competitors who learned from us.

-Services include the 6S-Frame model, skillsets combining Pattern Recognition, Framing Skills, Setback Recovery Skills, Strategic Thinking Skills, Inventive skills and Visioning Skills. All the processes have been devised from the same research that is driving technological innovation.

-Open training courses include Strategic Visioning – Conciev ®, Strategy Formulation – Stratuit ® and Reverse Engineered Inventing – Inventuit ®

The company's aim is to evolve into a global practice firm and is shortly opening partner offices in Europe, India and UAE.

About Perchingtree Solutions Inc.
Perchingtree Solutions Inc., a company in a startup environment is creating unique and intriguing solutions that sit at the intersection of multiple subjects. The training, advisory and consulting firm is launching its first services Conciev © (a mental model innovation process), Stratuit © (a strategic thinking and insight driven strategy formulation process, Inventuit © (a biometrics and somatic marker based ideation, incubation and problem solving process)