WhoisBehind.com Will Cause a Price War Between Registrars Because It's Going to Be the First Domain Name Transfer Service

WhoisBehind.com: the very first domain name transfer service


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2017 --Currently, there are more than 1.000 domain name extensions in the World. This makes it possible to register dozens of domain names at all kinds of parties. However, the disadvantage of so many domain names is that users can lose the overview real quick. From September 2017, WhoisBehind.com will change this by providing a portal that offers a complete overview of all your registered domain names. Users receive a message from WhoisBehind.com 1.5 months before one of your domain names expires or needs to be renewed. In this e-mail users will also read which company offers the cheapest domain name registration.

The team behind WhoisBehind.com has been active in the domain name industry since 1999. After they registered a few domain names at several parties, the team discovered a problem. It appeared that there was no website that offered a complete overview of all the registered domain names. WhoisBehind.com will change this. At the website visitors can use a system that offers a handy overview of all their domain names. Visitors receive an e-mail 1.5 months before their domain name expires to keep the domain name holder informed. This mail also contains the cheapest registrars for their extension. This e-mail will be send 1.5 months before visitors will receive a new invoice. By doing so, customers have enough time to transfer the domain name. At most registrars the domain name has to be transferred one month before because otherwise the domain name holder has to pay for the domain name by the same registrar.

"WhoisBehind.com could lead to a price war between registrars".

Avi Cohen, one of the founders of WhoisBehind.com, tells: 'We experienced a problem that we are going to solve with WhoisBehind.com. We've registered a lot of domain names at several registrars ourselves and eventually forgot which name belonged to which registrar. We lost the overview because of this, and also forgot to transfer the domain name. Most of these registrars attract members with nice discounts, but after the first year they have to pay the normal costs. At WhoisBehind.com customers will receive an e-mail quite a while before the domain name expires. This gives the user enough time to transfer the domain name to another registrar. It will save users a lot of money. Imagine that you can safe 10 euros for a .com extension and even 200 euros for a new extension like the .movie-extension. This is why WhoisBehind.com could lead to a price war between registrars.