Whoislogo, a Revolutionary Logo Navigation Marketing System, Announces Kickstarter Campaign


Brescia, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --Webmaster Francesco Bonomelli and his talented team of web developers and marketers have created a pioneering new app, Whoislogo, which is set to revolutionize online marketing and could change the way the world interacts with brands forever. The company is currently crowdfunding development funds through Kickstarter with a range of rewards and incentives for backers.

Whoislogo is an innovative application which allows consumers to instantly access information about a company simply by taking a photograph of their logo with a smartphone or tablet. Data can comprise of, but is not limited to, direct links to online stores including Etsy and Amazon, specific web addresses, and information about physical locations. Version 1.0 of the app is available to download now from The App Store or Google Play and the team is working to improve and polish the application for a full launch in July 2016.

The Whoislogo website is the administrative panel behind the app and is essentially a business directory. This allows anyone with a logo to upload it and merge their contact details, social media accounts, website addresses and other pertinent information into one place. Once a company's listing has been created, customers who have downloaded the free app can point their smartphone or tablet at that brand's logo, wherever they see it, and they will gain instant access to the information the company has provided in their listing. Anyone interested in using this service can preview and test it on the Whoislogo site.

Whoislogo has been in development since 2013 and the first version is now ready for release. To promote the app and to help the service gain momentum, the team is looking to raise €30,000 by Saturday, April 30, 2016, through their KickStarter campaign. Those who pledge money will receive up to a two year subscription, free of charge, saving up to €140. The team has committed to having the whole service fully functional by July 2016. Every business, professional association, and organization will be able to make use of this game-changing technology to give fast and convenient company information to any potential customers, clients, and other members.

According to Francesco Bonomelli, founder of Whoislogo, the simplicity of the system comes down to one button convenience. "With Whoislogo," Bonomelli recently remarked, "companies can use their own logo as an instant advertising system. Similarly, users can gain immediate access to a company's complete contact details and online platform listings with the simple click of a button."

All money raised through Kickstarter will be invested in hiring specialist staff and to enhance the app's infrastructure. Capital will enable the team to begin work on some revolutionary upgrades, including interfacing with a Cloud Payments System, delivering Version 2.0 on iOS, Version 1.0 on Android and the Windows Beta app.