Wholesale2b Proves to Be an Easy One-Stop-Shop for Entrepreneurs Hoping to Start a Dropship Business


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/20/2014 --Who hasn’t wandered onto Amazon to buy a book, a Bonzi tree, or a barbecue and wondered, “Hey, how do you get to be a seller? This looks like a fun way to make some money.” What’s more, how many people then talk themselves out of it assuming it’s too labor intensive or too costly? No longer are any of these concerns warranted thanks to a dropship one-stop-shop called Wholesale2b. With the ease of one membership online entrepreneurs can avoid having to deal with hosting issues, website developers, product suppliers and the personnel needed to update scads of products on a daily basis. Taking the administrative labor out of online selling, Wholesale2b acts like a dedicated assistant to virtually run their member’s dropship businesses.

To fill their online store with goods new members need only to log onto Wholesale2b.com and select items from the site’s list of over 1.5 million dropship products. Taking the guesswork out of finding a reputable wholesaler, each product comes with a list of supplier details that enable the member to feel at ease with their decision. Typically, without the Wholesale2b resource, the research it takes to find a reputable supplier can be a daunting task.

Adding to their usefulness the Wholesale2b dropship order fulfillment service allows members to easily push products to Amazon, eBay or their own website. From there the dropship site will fill every order placed while members need never physically touch a product. More tools available include the design of a turnkey website that Wholesale2b can use to push products to as well. Never at a loss to help online sellers, third party shopping carts or members with an existing website can make use of the dropship company’s well-thought-out plan. Additionally, all members can use Wholesale2b’s specialized listing tools like data-feeds for eBay and Amazon that meet e-commerce site requirements.

The Wholesale2b team speaks to the ease of creating a dropship business, “It truly isn’t an overstatement to say that we handle almost everything. Apart from the marketing of the products and the actual sales, our automated system handles everything. Really, the daily management of dropship inventory like sending tracking codes to assure the release of payments quickly is benefit enough. All it takes is a membership, some setup, and online sellers are off and running.”

About Wholesale2b
Wholesale2b is a dropship company helping online entrepreneurs worldwide; they provide over 1.5 million types of products to a ready marketplace. The company provides systems for supplying online sellers with product inventory, daily management of the inventory, and shipment to consumers. Wholesale2b offers dropship solutions for a seller’s hosted website and cart or various outlets like eBay and Amazon.

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