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Why Are Americans So Obese? Weight Loss Diet Solutions Tells You

The growth of American's fighting against obesity is simply shocking. The statistics show us that half of American adults is clinically obese today and the percentages are rising every year but why is this?


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2012 --American’s have grown used to huge portions of food at relatively cheap prices when combined to their incomes. Once a person starts to gain weight they desire more food just like a smoker starts craving a smoke during the night after swearing they would only smoke socially. The person then feels shaky and weak without this food and more and more so. A downward spiral that millions of people are all too well aware of.

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Remember that the weight loss industry relies on a huge number of people constantly wanting to shed weight and if they all did they would go out of business.

While the weight loss industry is not entirely to blame (some would say not to blame at all) they do rely on people not completely been free of them and they aim to keep hold of their members for life if possible and this is their business model. They also often denigrate other weight loss programs that rival their own leaving people wondering what program is the “truth” and what others are plain wrong or misguided.

One thing you will notice is that both the food industry and a large part of the diet industry keeps the user thinking about food and what they eat and how they cook etc. Always thinking about food when what is really needed is another topic for the mind to start thinking about.

This is the reason many dieters feel so unhappy about their whole diet program and life in general.

Short of stomach surgery the answer for many is a course of prescription diet pills and a change of focus for their lives. Taking the thought process from always been about food to been about travelling, home renovation, pets and animals, art and crafts, doing something for charity, doing something creative with the kids etc. These things burn up energy and make best use of the diet pills mental stimulation effect while empowering the user to feel in control and not been obsessed with losing weight and beating themselves up when they binge eat. Getting the mind away from self-inflicted misery and thinking about new horizons is the key to escaping a life or drudgery and weight loss - weight gain ups and downs. Making the most of the diet pills this way will be an enjoyable experience for the user and their families as they will see a confident person who is full of life and new ideas pushing forward with a bright and breezy approach and no longer the miserable person always thinking about food and their weight. Their new found activities and mental stimulation will see the excess weight start falling off and they have the confidence to keep it off for life. This is what diet clubs keep people from realising and is why some blame them for their lack of weight loss. But diet pills are only meant to be used for the short term (unless your doctor approves longer term use) and without the change of attitude away from dieting, food and weight and towards other energising ideas that turn you on the weight loss will probably be short lived.

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Dr Garry Walters is a dietary writer who promotes healthy eating habits through means of mass media communications and has written and published widely on this subject over the years. He also has a youtube channel and relations with various dietary supplemental providers.
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