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Why Atlantic Sweeping Is the Cleaning Firm of Choice in Washington D.C.

Dust and uncollected waste lead to a dirty environment. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Inc. looks to eradicate the occurrence of such through quality cleaning services.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2015 --Stormy winds carry with them a lot of dust and dirt and deposit them on our roads and driveways. It stands as an uncontrollable phenomenon that individuals cannot get a grip of, and it unfortunately leaves people to contend with dirty streets that if not well managed, can eventually result in environmental degradation.

Sparkling cities and towns

Clean, well-maintained roads and streets are a clear reflection of the cities or towns through which these roads pass through. In that, Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Inc. strives to ensure that cleaning is achieved seamlessly. Washington D.C. is a metropolitan, beautiful city known all over the world for its sparkling beauty. It is therefore imperative that the high standards of the city are maintained by ensuring that the roads and streets are clean.

Top of the art equipment

Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Inc. has invested in state of the art equipment that aids them in providing the cleaning and sweeping services needed. Their new age fleet of vehicles come in handy in ensuring that they are able to provide timely cleaning and sweeping services and also beat deadlines. The company has been operational for decades now, and this has enabled them to gain an array of experience in the best forms of service delivery.

Control floods

Dirt and dust after storms are usually deposited in drains, blocking them in the process. In events of heavy rains, the dirt and dust in the drains causes them to block, leading to roads flooding, with devastating losses as vehicles are swept off which sometimes even results in the loss of lives. The problem of flooded roads after rain can be addressed by ensuring that roads are well-maintained, and this is where Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Inc. come in to offer their services.

About Atlantic sweeping
Dusty and dirty roads create a bad impression on the users of the particular roads or the cities and towns through which the roads pass. Atlantic Sweeping and Cleaning Inc. has been in operation for decades now, coming into existence in 1977. It is an established firm that has specialized in ensuring that the interstates, highways, and streets of Washington DC are kept sparkling clean throughout. The company has a team of dedicated and experienced experts in sweeping and cleaning services who work to ensure that Washington D.C maintains its status as one of the cleanest cities in the world.

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