Why Birds Depend on Heated Birdbaths for Survival

Birds Rely on Fresh, Unfrozen Water to Maintain Their Feathers for Flying During Cold Weather


Concord, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2016 --During the winter, flying conditions for birds are less than ideal and they need to keep their feathers clean for the best chance of survival. What can people do to help? Make sure birds have fresh water available by using a heated birdbath to keep the water from freezing.

What's so special about heated birdbaths? Great question. Heated baths feature a built-in thermostat that only turns on when the outside temperatures reach freezing. This works to prevent the water from getting too hot, and therefore unappealing to the birds, and reduces the total amount of electricity used.

"We have had 2 of these now for 2 or 3 years and find them perfect for all-year use," says the bird mama, raving about our Heated Ground Bath on Duncraft.com. "Couldn't do without them in the winter."

There's snow everywhere, so why do people have to provide water when birds can get it from the snow? When birds get water from the snow, they use up a lot of energy that could be put to better use, like finding a warm roost for the night. Taking the time to melt snow to drink also makes birds vulnerable to predators at the ground level, decreasing their chance for survival.

The great thing about heated birdbaths is how the water is used by many birds for multiple purposes: to drink, to bathe, to splash and to preen to maintain feathers in optimal condition for flying. With a heated bath, birds receive many benefits from a one resource to better their chance of survival.

On the plus side, birdbaths also attract birds people don't necessarily expect to see in their yards. This includes robins because they're known to be non-migratory birds, as are cardinals. Bird enthusiasts also benefit from setting up birdbaths because many birds are creatures of habit and introducing them to fresh food and water makes it more likely these same birds come back to visit, for years in many cases.

The only question remaining is...which birdbath is the best choice? Choose from 81 birdbaths available at Duncraft.com, including 19 heated birdbaths to help birds survive this bitter cold winter.

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