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Why Buying Local Matters This Small Business Saturday

Thunderclap campaign #BuyingLocalMatters Everyday seeks to champion consumers buying local retailer gift cards throughout the holiday shopping season commencing with Small Business Saturday.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2015 --Today, announces its new Thunderclap campaign for championing consumers' buying small retailer gift cards throughout the holiday shopping season commencing with Small Business Saturday.

Since its 2010 inception, the Small Business Saturday initiative spearheaded by American Express has made significant strides highlighting the importance of supporting small retailers across America. However, as commerce increasingly becomes more digital and consumer buying behaviors continue to shift, it becomes equally important to drill down to the most impactful ways to support small retailers. According to its Thunderclap campaign page, believes that "One way consumers can help is by buying more gift cards offered by their local retailers.

A recent article on the CEO Blog Nation website says: If each U.S. household spent an additional $10 with small retailers, the economic impact would reach $9.3 Billion. Further illustrating the point, founder Jeffery Lakes says: "If each U.S. household buys one $25 gift card from local small retailers, the economic impact would exceed $23.25 Billion. Although Small Business Saturday now rivals "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" on many levels, small retailers across the U.S. need more than one day to sustain their relevancy to the economy at large. However, it is very difficult to get small retailers on the page about any one issue, particularly the plight of independent retailing in today's marketplace. To this, emerges to provide leadership and solutions to the challenges of getting every small retailer across the nation to incorporate gift cards into their product selling mix.

According to the campaign page, "Buying local not only matters, but how we (as consumers) buy locally really matters – and buying local gift cards is by far the most lucrative way for consumers to support small local retailers while also stimulating the economy locally and nationwide." And by voting their discretionary spends on local retailers, consumers inherently vote to preserve the environment. By pushing #BuyingLocalMatters to thousands and hopefully millions on Small Business Saturday, looks to set the small retailer gift card revolution in motion…and to reshape the history of American commerce as a result.

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