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Why Cocaine Addiction Is So Difficult to Stop and How a Specialist Clinic Is Developing Its Approach


White Rock, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/19/2019 --It is well-known that cocaine is a highly addictive drug – and with the short-term effects reported to be a feeling of euphoria, together with heightened mental alertness and an energy boost, it is perhaps not surprising that regular users find it a hard habit to kick.

But with Health Canada listing considerably less appealing side effects – such as anxiety, paranoia, nausea and violent behavior – the need to tackle addiction and drive down usage of the drug becomes more apparent. Unfortunately, many addicts get to the point of tolerance, where they feel they can no longer live without it.

In Canada, cocaine use continues to be a major problem. According to the latest Global Drug Survey, as of 2019 Canada is the joint-second highest user of cocaine in a list of 36 countries, with only Scotland ahead of it. More encouragingly, however, 60% of Canadians who were surveyed said they wished to do the drug less.

"Actually wanting to kick an addiction and then being fully committed to a treatment plan is the most important first step in tackling drug use," said a spokesperson for Inspire Change Wellness, an addiction center for men based in British Columbia, who have a specialist treatment program to battle cocaine addiction.

"It is encouraging that so many cocaine users in Canada recognize the dangers of their continued drug use, and are interested in stopping it. Cocaine is particularly tricky because of the initial rush of euphoric feeling it produces, so it is all too easy to fall into addiction. What many people don't realize is that when the euphoria ends, it is usually replaced with intense mood swings and illogical behavior – and long-term it increases the risk of heart disease and respiratory problems.

"What is even more concerning – and almost impossible to initially identify – is that 'street' cocaine is often mixed with other substances, some of which may be poisonous. So there are many risks facing regular users of cocaine. When people become tolerant of its effects, unsupervised withdrawal from the drug can be dangerous and must be done under medical observation."

Following a supervised detox process, the Inspire Change Wellness Centro recommends a period of inpatient rehabilitation. This significantly decreases the chances of relapse. With a customized treatment plan, the center offers a combined approach that restores the body's level of nutrition, rebuilds strength and cardiovascular function through physical activity, and provides community activities to boost self-esteem and confidence.

The center is staffed by senior clinical professionals who are specialized in addiction medicine, mental health and preventive medicine, and also counselors who are highly experienced in dealing with addiction and more general mental health issues.

"Our approach is really a holistic one", added the spokesperson, "in that we aim to drive down the likelihood of relapse by covering all aspects of the impact that addiction can have on people. To properly fight addiction, it takes much more than a successful detox – there are countless reasons why people become addicted to cocaine and other drugs, and our rehabilitation program is focused on addressing these root causes.

"This is why we also provide individual and group therapy. It offers a choice to those who wish to discuss sensitive issues in a private setting, while also underlining the fact that through our group therapy, our patients are not alone – and they can take some comfort from that fact."

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Inspire Change Wellness Center provides treatment programming for a wide range of addictions, including alcohol, prescription drug, cocaine, meth and more. The team focuses exclusively on treatment programming for men, believing that a comfortable and clean all-male environment allows patients to share freely about their addiction issues.