Why Data Visualization Through Online Mapping Is a Hot Topic in Big Data Analysis

Data visualization is more than just a hot topic. With smart online mapping, visualizing data can be achieved in half the time with free map building and heat mapping.


Naperville, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2013 --Data visualization is one of the pillars of understanding Big Data. And there is no better way to visualize your data than plotting it in a map. Data mapping extracts value from the data to drive business value., a sought-after online mapping solution is used by companies both large and small to deliver analysis and save time. Their analyses are primarily used to improve profitability, manage risks, gain competitive advantage, and enhance customer service.

Mapping Tools – Essential to Big Data Strategy

Benjamin B. from the University of Maine Facilities Management says about “This is a powerful tool for anyone trying to manage a large number of mapping points. Other mapping systems on the web just don’t compare.” He and hundreds of satisfied users all agreed that using the mapping system of brings them to the forefront of data visualization. The steps are easy and require minimal time and effort. For diligent followers of the Big Data, how BI tools work and what types of visualization are delivered are highly important. In this regard, find ways to extract practical answers from seamless analysis.

Free Map Building

In its effort to bring effortless ways for users to analyze thousands of locations from different data sets, enables its users to create maps for free in an instant. Maps created are based from data gathered in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. When those are copied and pasted to, they result into colorful and attractive maps that can relay insights from customers’ geographical locations. The location set can also be added to other location data sets like the suppliers, retail stations, and others. When these are plotted on a map, users can easily identify the connection between each data set and create plans and solutions fit to the analysis.

Heat Map in Less Than 3 Minutes

Another way to save time with mapping is through building heat maps. Analysts can create heat maps in less than 3 minutes using smart territory sets that are readily available. They can build mapping based from location density, sales information or any other category of data. Territory sets available ranges from U.S. States, Counties and Zip Codes to international territory sets like U.K. Counties, Canada Provinces, Australia States, France Regions, Germany States, India States, World Countries, and many others.