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Why Do the British Love Indian Cuisine?

With the advent of Britain’s first Indian fast-food chain, the question remains: What is it about Indian Cuisine that the British love so much.


Manchester, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2013 --As far back as the 1500s, there are records of the British displaying their love for Indian Cuisine. Explorers and travellers would navigate the seas to find their way to the Jewel of the empire and import the flavours and spices to be found there. Wildly different to anything that is available within the British Isles at the time, it was the first record of Indian Food inspiring and exciting the British.

The phenomenon of Indian Food in Britain did not really start to grow however until the 20th century. In the early parts of the century, the first Indian Restaurants opened in London. The popularity continued to grow until the 1980s when widespread prosperity in the country allowed everybody to enjoy Indian Cuisine regularly. The trip to the curry house became a regular Friday night trip for thousands, if not millions, of Britons. It is estimated that the average UK adult spends £30 per month on Indian cuisine, either in restaurants or purchasing ingredients.

Chicken Tikka Masala has become such a staple of British society and its inhabitants psyche that a speaker in the House of Commons once suggested that the dish was the national delicacy. There are reports that it is now more popular than the traditional Fish and Chips in the battle for supremacy of British takeaway foodstuffs. Prime Minister David Cameron even boasts that his favourite eatery in the country is an Indian Restaurant.

The seemingly endless supply of different spices and flavours that are native to India helps create a wide range of different tastes and dishes. This wide range of flavours appeal to the palate of both ancient and modern Britain. Due the small size and relatively consistent temperature of the country; Britain can only naturally produce a small selection of different food types, spices and herbs. Reliant on meat and root vegetable production; Britain’s food is often too enamoured with these flavours. Stews, roasts and hot pots comprise of many of the same ingredients cooked in slightly different manners.

Indian Cuisine however comprises of a wide range of different spices and flavours that are allowed to prosper in the huge territory with wildly differing conditions. This wide range of different spices and flavours allows the country to create a huge list of different dishes all with unique tastes and personalities.

Combine this with the friendly relations between the country and you create an Indian Cuisine loving Britain.

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