Why Is the DeFi Project Launched on the Top Exchange ZB.com the Most Reliable


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/18/2020 --With the arrival of a new week, the digital currency circle has a new week of dynamics. I clicked on Jinse Finance and found that there are various news about DeFi on the front page of the headline, which can be regarded as a proof of the popularity of DeFi in the recent period. As one of the four major exchanges, ZB.com will also start its DeFi activities today. ZB.com has always been well-known in the digital currency circle with its stable and low-key operating style. When this event started, some small partners in the digital currency circle said that the DeFi project launched by ZB.com was the most reliable. I deeply agree. Why do everyone say that? Let's analyze it.

Let's start with the qualifications of ZB.com. Older users in the digital currency circle should know that there was an exchange that was very famous in the digital currency circle, and that was CHBTC. As the earliest established digital currency exchange, CHBTC naturally attracted a lot of users. That year was 2013. After a series of things happened, CHBTC also moved to foreign countries with OKex and Huobi, and changed its name to ZB.com. Different from the high-profile publicity countermeasures of Binance, OKex and Huobi, ZB.com has devoted itself to its own technology, service and security since its establishment. Therefore, ZB.com, which pays attention to user experience, is very strict and serious when choosing a listed currency. Judging from the operation of the past 7 years, ZB.com will indeed not launch a digital currency that specifically deceives users, but chooses a popular currency that has real investment value. This is one of the reasons why it is generally believed that the DeFi project launched on ZB.com is the most reliable.

Next, let's take a look at the currency SWFTC that was first released during the ZB.com DeFi event week. SwftCoin is the platform currency of the SWFT Blockchain cross-chain decentralized financial currency exchange platform (swap), and is the earliest DeFi platform currency. SWFT supports DeFi currency exchange and CeFi currency exchange, as well as decentralized payment and wallets, and the distribution of digital currency red envelopes in mainstream community media around the world, including WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram. The unique cross-chain algorithm integrates blockchain and artificial intelligence. The patent application has been accepted by the USPTO, which can realize pairwise exchange of any currency, and automatically obtain the best price. and its cross-chain flash swap API has been embedded in dozens of wallets around the world, including Ledger, mathwallet, Tokenpocket, Ellipal, Atoken, etc. And in-depth cooperation with more than 200 industry ecology such as Circle Centre, Dash, Hydro, Tron, etc. With the continuous increase of application scenarios, the value of SWFTC will continue to rise when the total amount is limited.

Choosing a currency with investment value like SWFTC as the first issue is enough to prove that the DeFi project that ZB.com will launch next will definitely not deceive investors. Because as a 7-year old exchange, the big brother of the digital currency circle, and one of the four leading exchanges, ZB.com will surely make this DeFi event prosperous. After all, no one would shoot himself in the foot.