Why Own a Bike when Renting Is Convenient?

Bike Rental Market in India


Mumbai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2020 --Shared mobility space is growing as people frequently change cities due to their work or education. In today's scenario, people prefer renting over owning an asset. Owing an asset restricts the owner in terms of exploring new options and the kind of maintenance it demands, it requires time to time service, one has to be conscious of avoiding any external damage that might affect the condition of a two-wheeler and potentially alter its functioning.

GoBikes is a bike rental platform now available in Mumbai. It is a year old platform that took birth in Delhi NCR and has soon made its way to cities including Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad. This platform has been successful in providing the best quality bikes and is known for its customer service which includes doorstep delivery, support team in case of any vehicle breakdown.

GoBikes has marked its place in the bike rental market in a very short duration with its quality service. This platform aims at making the renting procedure easy and hassle-free. GoBikes is a one-stop destination for all your two-wheeler needs. Two-wheelers ranging from Activa to Hyabusa can be easily rented through this platform. Instead of owning and riding the same two-wheeler for years, now one can easily get a bike on rent in Mumbai through GoBikes for days, weeks and even months. The monthly packages are pocket-friendly plus they give you the freedom to ride on a different bike of your choice every other month rather than sticking to one old two wheeler.

The need to create this platform arose when a college student (now CEO of GoBikes, Siddharth Chandra) shifted to a different city to pursue his education and struggled while commuting. He found himself to be dependent on public transport which was either expensive or lacked last-mile connectivity. Later in the year, he found himself hopping from one bike rental to another in a quest to find a two-wheeler that was appropriate to his needs and was in a desirable condition but to his surprise, he wasn't lucky enough. He saw this as a potential problem with a much-needed solution, what next? He almost again found himself in those disrupted bike rental markets but this time with the objective of making it more systematic and hassle-free.