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Why UKF Digital Asset Futures Trading Custody System Is Eye-Catching Around the World


Beijing, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/21/2019 --In recent years, the financial industry has been ushering in the digital asset era around the world. Driven by the block chain technology, an increasing number of financial assets are mapped into the block chain network to form the digital assets with the strong mobility. There is no doubt that institutional investors obviously improve their demands for custody under the background of accelerating development of the block chain technology and constantly expanding the scale of digital assets.

As the digital financial trading market with the highest profession and the hugest capital mass, this undoubtedly is a brand-new start to add value for digital assets in current days.

Digital asset futures trading is highly favored and positively chased by global assets, since it has the highest threshold and profession, as well as the strongest profitability.

The statistics show that more than 80% of private investors in the futures market suffer losses. Lots of private investors are blind in operation. As a matter of fact, futures operation has the stronger technicality, which requires for more professional knowledge. However, a wise man exactly knows how to follow up with successful people and uses their power to achieve success. People who make a difference are masters to "use the power". Since they are brave, proficient, and capable, they can create the new field by "using the power"! In fact, digital assets futures investment is just how it is. That is to say, it utilizes the power of an institution, a platform, a team or an analyst to help itself to control risks better. In the guiding process of teachers, the common technical indexes and fundamentals are slowly studied and mastered to analyze the market tendency and specific operation point location, so as to improve the comprehensive analytical ability step by step.

Founded by Richard Holloway who associated with Coin Shares Company, KF digital asset futures trading custody system is the trading custody platform of comprehensive digital asset compound interest money management, internet and digital asset futures trading. Users hand over their digital asset accounts to a professional team for custody. The custody accounts will synchronously follow the accounts of the control team and enjoy the profit achievements of the professional team.

Where is the value of UKF digital assets futures trading custody system?

Value 1: the strong operation team
Bankers, traders, financial analysts and actuaries in the UKF operation team own more than 20 years of investment experience in finance and encryption currency. The trading synthesizes the collective technologies and experience of numerous traders, so their selection of trading strategies, market judgment, position control, trading disciplines, risk control and profitability are greatly higher than the personal operation. To order timely and close a position rapidly will make them sensitive to respond to the price and trend changes.

Value 2: Gain the market with sincerity and cast the brand with quality
The custody operation team can overcome weaknesses in humanity and trade decisively without hesitation and greediness. They never feel madcap, if they win it; on the contrary, they never feel disheartened, so as to avoid from emotional operation.

Value 3: Continuous monitoring on the market within 7x 24h
They will monitor he market uninterruptedly within 7 x 24h and rapidly enter for trading when the success rate reaches maximum, so as to avoid from the common psychology of personal investors in the trading process.

Value 4: Safeguard risk control and profits
Profits and custody guarantee can strictly stop losses and implement risk control or position control, thus excessively emotional trading will be evaded. Also, it is effective to control inevitable greediness and fear in operation process. Profits or losses are totally determined by the design idea and technical level of a team.

The suitable types of investors for UKF digital asset futures trading custody:

1. Investors who are busy with work and have no time to focus on quotation for analysis;

2. Investors who just enter the financing market and have less experience;

3. Investors who have assets, but don't want to invest them together or even exactly know about risks of investment diversification and become rational in investment;

4. Investors who have less market analysis, but are willing to study.

In short, we can compare UKF digital asset futures trading custody system to a steward hired by traders for their accounts. In this way, investors have no need to worry about how to manage their accounts, because they can do something that they want to do in their spare time. In fact, an increasing number of investors tend to such an investment mode.

In the future, UKF will use the advantages of multiple parties and cooperate with the world-famous safety company to create the digital asset futures exchange, so as to realize the multi-core driving of "digital asset trading+ derivatives+ value-added services" and get the benign eco-development of diversity in operation and incomes.