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Wild Blue Traveling to Missouri to Save Kittens from an Early Demise

Lead team members from Wild Blue leave today, Tuesday, June 28th, stop overnight in Grain Valley, MO at the clinic where the kittens currently reside, and then load up and return to Colorado Springs with anywhere from 15-30 rescued kittens tomorrow, Wednesday, June 29th.


Black Forest, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/28/2016 --After receiving a plea for help from a volunteer at a small country veterinary clinic in Missouri nine hours away, lead team members from Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, located in the Black Forest community, leave today, Tuesday, June 28th, to rescue 15-30 kittens. Wild Blue is heading to Grain Valley, MO to the veterinary clinic where the kittens are currently being held. They will load them up early tomorrow, Wednesday morning, June 29th, and are expected back in Colorado Springs by early evening tomorrow as well.

"Due to space limitations at the small clinic in Grain Valley and a lack of open cages at nearby animal shelters, these kittens were facing euthanization in the near future," said Lauri Cross, Executive Director of Wild Blue. "The clinic is very small and operates on a limited budget. Even so, they have a contract with the local animal control department and are required to take in a certain number of acquired animals. These kittens were mostly picked up by animal control from the streets in town. Some were also brought in by concerned citizens who found them in their yards or woodpiles."

"While Wild Blue focuses 90% of its energy and resources on cats in El Paso County, we are committed to doing all we can to save precious lives, regardless of where the need is. We have assisted with cases all around the state of Colorado and we have rescued cats and kittens from Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and even New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy left many kitties homeless," said Cross.

Health wise, the kittens are in fairly good shape with respect to what they've gone through so far. They have received an initial health check from the clinic and Wild Blue will pay to have them vaccinated prior to bringing them back to Colorado. The Sanctuary will then take the kittens to their local veterinary partner clinics for further testing, rabies shots and any required medical care. The clinics will also perform spay and neuter surgeries once the kittens are old enough.

Thanks to the assistance from National Mill Dog Rescue's (NMDR) executive director and founder Theresa Strader, the rescued kittens will be traveling back to Colorado Springs in the air-conditioned, secure comfort of one of NMDR's transport vans on loan to Wild Blue, free of charge, for the trip.

"There are many small communities without the option to place kittens into loving, adoptive homes like we are able to at Wild Blue. As a result, their only other choice is to euthanize kittens that don't have a place to go," said Cross. "The clinic called us for help and we are doing the best that we can."

Donations for medical needs and volunteers to help care for kittens are a must to make this rescue a success. Members of the Colorado Springs community and beyond can make a monetary donation to help cover the costs of the rescue which will total more than $2,700, including a cost of $1,350 for spay/neuter surgeries that average about $45 per kitten. People who are interested in becoming a volunteer to help care for these kittens at the Sanctuary or by opening their hearts and homes to become a foster family can find more information at the Wild Blue website – www.wbars.org.

Since opening in 2010, Wild Blue has rescued close to 2500 adult cats and kittens. Wild Blue also has an active foster program with more than 75 animals currently being served. "There are a lot of cats and kittens out there who need saving and that's what we're all about," said Cross.

About Wild Blue
Founded in 2010, Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Partnerships/Sponsorships and memberships are available. For more information about the shelter or how to make a financial donation call 719.964.8905. Visit http://www.wbars.org to learn more about Wild Blue and follow them on Facebook at Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

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