Will Chia Be the Next Bitcoin


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2021 --The recent turmoil in the "currency circle" has been accompanied by round after round of fierce market competition. The old currency has not moved forward, while the new currency has gone straight ahead. Chia is the latter with high voice from the outside world. There are also people in the industry who say that Chia wants to be the next bitcoin. Of course, we don't know what the operators really think. Today, I'm here to discuss with you. In terms of strength and various abilities, will Chia be the next bitcoin?

First of all, let me briefly introduce the famous Chia. It is a decentralized open source global blockchain. Compared with the traditional workload proof cryptocurrency, it is less wasteful, more decentralized and more secure. Chia opened trading on May 4, and its founder said that the main circulation form of Chia in the market is basically miners' mining, so the market of Chia will be very scarce, and even each exchange can automatically form the price. As soon as the news came out, big men from all walks of life also expressed their views. Xue Manzi thought that Chia could represent the green bitcoin, which is likely to become the next new outlet, and people with investment ability must pay attention to this opportunity.

Why does Chia get such a favor, known as the green bitcoin? I think this is related to his several major features. First, Chia's fully open source underlying blockchain based on "space proof" and "time proof" can verify the blockchain with the help of cheap hard disk storage space. Therefore, it can be superior to bitcoin in terms of low energy consumption and environmental protection. Second, ordinary people also have the opportunity to carry out low threshold mining, and have the characteristics of high return and short cycle. Third, the industry is very recognized, many well-known investment institutions have joined the investment, investment power is strong. Fourth, Chia has a top-level project team, which can carry out the top-level scientific research and creation. Therefore, we can see that Chia is a digital currency with strong capabilities in all aspects, no less than bitcoin, and even slightly better than bitcoin to some extent. It is not unreasonable for Xue Manzi to evaluate it as the next trend.

Chia, as one of the hot items in the near future, is also favored by major exchanges. At present, 17 exchanges including ZB.com, Huobi and OKex have launched Chia. However, among the numerous digital currency exchanges, I still like the ZB.com best, because it is a digital exchange that I can rest assured of. Since its establishment eight years ago, there has been no capital problem, and it is safe, reliable and trustworthy. At the same time, zb.com humanized service has always been a benchmark in the industry. 24-hour customer service online explains the relevant knowledge of blockchain to users, so that users can really buy their own digital currency, and enjoy preferential prices and high-end services. At the same time, ZB.com launched activities such as recharge free service charge and VIP discount rate.

To sum up, the research team of Chia has a strong investment force. It is a digital currency worth investing in and has been recognized by many people in the industry. I am also optimistic about this digital currency. Finally, investment is risky and financial management should be cautious. Choosing a large digital currency exchange is relatively reliable, which can eliminate some troubles that can be avoided, do not listen to the advocacy of some small digital currency exchanges and invest blindly. In this way, our innocent consumers will suffer losses in the end.

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