Will E-Publication Completely Replace Traditional Material Book?


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2013 --Any debate when it comes to the present struggle between electronic and traditional print publishing starts with this question, will e-publication completely replace traditional material book? As a digital publishing software provider, FlipPageMaker Company understands well the situation of today’s market. E-publication will be more and more widely used. But it can hardly replace traditional book.

E-publishing or electronic publishing, takes account of the digital publication of electronic contents and electronic book. It also takes account of the progress of libraries and digital catalogs. There are a lot of non-network electronic publications like reference and technical publications and encyclopedias relied on by a lot of mobile users. On the other hand, at this moment network distribution is being intensely related with e-publishing.

Will e-publication completely replace the traditional material book? A material book will be more expressive and significant when it is gift or something. However, it requires storage area. Shelving is required to maintain them organized and secure. Boxed material book are extremely heavy to carry and move. Updating books needs a latest print run that can be costly. Traditional material book are subject to tear and wear, weathering and its pages might yellow and the letters or ink fade. Some books are printed on paper finished from wood pulp that comes from trees, a resource which is slow to restart.

Compared to traditional material book, e- publication is space saving, green and cheap. And reading an e-book online is exactly different to reading a real book on hand. E-publication provides different conceivable types of presentation. Aside from pictures, texts and pictures it is likely to comprise, videos, audio recordings, animations, computer programs and simulations.

Research possibilities include direct search for the writer, year, title, keywords, abstract, or complete text search of the e-document. Instant access to some electronic document that are published online for references verifications as well as quotation possible.

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