Will the Three Biggest Tech Companies Do the Do Lunch Different Challenge to Impact the Lives of 500,000 High School Students?

The Do Lunch Different(DLD) Challenge: Apple, Google, Microsoft - Who Do You Think Will Win?


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2016 --A new Dallas-based company is stepping out of their comfort zone to launch one of the biggest corporate challenges in history. They're challenging Apple, Google, and Microsoft to The Do Lunch Different (DLD) Challenge. The challenge is simple; which company can get the highest percentage of employees to eat lunch with new random co-workers? The founders of the challenge started this venture to raise awareness and funds to impact the lives of 500,000 high school students.

"Are we crazy to challenge the three biggest technology companies in the world? Yes, we are," said Mala Brough, DLD co-founder. "Our passion to help students is greater than our craziness."

"There's only two ways to eat lunch in corporate America: eat alone or eat with the same co-workers. We've created a third way - eat lunch with random co-workers. We built a technology platform called ZinKUz, that connects people together within the boundaries of their organization. We call it Do Lunch Different" says Brough. The DLD founders believe Apple, Google and Microsoft's participation will set an example for high school students to follow and, will encourage them to launch their own DLD challenges. Plus, employees of the winning company will receive some cool prizes.

"One of life's most valuable skills is networking and an entire generation is being raised on social media which can cause them to lose the art of turning a stranger into a friend. The DLD mission is to equip students with the skills to make new friends. Apple, Google, and Microsoft were chosen for the challenge because they were started by people who started out as friends with a common idea and passion. Those friendships have created corporations with a cumulative value $1.2 trillion dollars.

High school DLD Challenges will encourage and reward students to be bold and courageous enough to eat lunch with random students. It fosters an environment where students can practice the art of making new friends, It also reduces school bullying and builds healthier school cultures. A survey revealed that 90 percent of students would participate in a DLD Challenge if it were available at their school.

The goal is to raise $1.5 million dollars to launch DLD Challenges in 200 high schools throughout the USA. $270K goes towards supporting a traveling team that will visit high schools conducting DLD launch rallies. $330K goes towards DLD Ambassador students marketing kits. $900K goes towards gift cards to incentivize students to participate in the challenge.

The first 50, 100, and 500 people to donate any amount to The DLD Challenge receive special donor gifts. People can vote for the company they think will win on the challenge's website. If they're right, they'll win a prize. For more information about voting and when the competition begins, please visit http://www.thedldchallenge.com.

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