William Sobel to Present at Smart Manufacturing Experience

Sobel's talk will discuss how the digital transformation journey is enabling manufacturers to make better decisions resulting in optimized assets, labor, and processes to meet customer demands at the lowest cost.


Berkeley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2018 --VIMANA, The Language of Smart Manufacturing, is proud to announce William Sobel's participation in the Smart Manufacturing Experience. William Sobel, VIMANA's CSO and Founder, is the author of the MTConnect Standard and continues to participate in revolutionizing the collection and analysis of data that is driving the new era of manufacturing intelligence and analytics.

The Smart Manufacturing Experience is the first of its kind event produced by the AMT (The Association for Manufacturing Technology) and SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers). Participants will be immersed in a world of interactive learning, hands-on technology demonstrations, and even virtual reality - according to the event website. The event will be held at the Boston Convention Center, in Boston, MA, April 30th - May 2nd, 2018.

The event will also feature live presentations, including William Sobel's presentation titled, "Transforming to On-Demand Distributed Manufacturing". Sobel is scheduled to speak on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 at 10:55 am in room 155A in the Key to Digital Manufacturing track. His will present on manufacturings' digital transformation journey from the beginning stages of connecting assets to the ultimate vision of On-Demand Distributed Manufacturing, an agile customer centric manufacturing operation. He will define each step of the journey, describing what needs to be implemented, and the value manufacturer's get at each transformative step. He will also discuss the foundational role that analytics plays as the enabling technology for the entire ecosystem. He will share real life examples of customers that have started the journey.

"Customers demand guaranteed on-time delivery, quality parts, consistently low pricing, and fast lead times. The digital transformation journey to On-Demand Distributed Manufacturing, reaps significant value to manufacturers at each step of the process from gaining real-time visibility and insight into the operation of a plant to the entire manufacturing network - I am honored to have been chosen as a presenter for this inaugural event, so that I can help companies plan for the digital transformation that is happening now," stated William Sobel, CSO and Founder of VIMANA.

VIMANA's software and services provide operational transparency to plant and enterprise-wide performance so manufacturers can uncover ways to improve efficiency, quality, cycle time, cost reduction, and responsiveness to customers. VIMANA's technology fuels Industry 4.0, IIoT and Smart Manufacturing initiatives. With VIMANA's technology, The Language of Smart Manufacturing, our customers can understand their machines, draw brilliant conclusions, make informed decisions, improve manufacturing operations, and elevate performance.

VIMANA offers the leading cloud-based and on-premise manufacturing analytics platform for manufacturing intelligence. VIMANA's software solves the challenges many manufacturers face in their digital journey: connecting all devices, providing data flow in a consistent way, enriching and integrating data, revealing the true state of the manufacturing process, and offering analytics, visualization, communication, and collaboration solutions that inspire adoption from operators and senior leaders.