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Willoughby, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/17/2017 --For those seeking justice in the court for domestic issues like child custody or a divorce due to infidelity will need hardcore evidence to fight the battle. It is hard for one to handle and get all the evidence on their own given the bad circumstances the person is in. That is where the need of private detectives in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio comes into the picture. Private detectives from Willo Security helps to gather all the facts and information that will help one to fight the case in court and get justice. In the court of law, suspicions are not enough. Things like second-hand conversations, assumptions or gut feelings are not accepted by any judge. One has to produce solid evidence, and that is something that only private detectives can get.

One can trust Willo Security to put their best Private Detectives at work for gathering all the evidence that is required. Their professional Private Detectives have years of experience in investigations of domestic issues, background checks, insurance fraud as well as many other issues. They are a licensed investigatory law service provider for both individuals and businesses throughout Ohio. Willo Security has developed an understanding of what questions need to be answered and what to derive from those questions.

The private detectives and security guards in Columbus Ohio from Willo Security are all trained in the latest of technologies. They are extremely professional and maintain strict and complete confidentiality irrespective of the scope of the investigation.

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Willo Security is one of the trusted names when it comes to security solutions. They offer security guard services, special event security and private detectives in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio for carrying out investigation services.