Win-Win Announces New School Fundraising Client-Controlled Pricing for Spirit Wear

Win-Win announces their client-controlled school fundraising pricing for Spirit Wear to help schools raise as much funds as they need or provide low-cost spirit wear to students.


Ottawa, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/31/2014 --With continually shrinking budgets, school fundraising,, becomes essential, and Win-Win sportswear provides the benefit of no upfront costs when fundraising for schools. Specifically, they provide Win-Win Spirit Wear and Win-Win Sportswear to raise funds for schools.

High schools give their contact information and logos to Win-Win. In return, Win-Win designs baseball caps, T-shirts and sportswear to help with fundraising. These easy school fundraising ideas,, ensure a simplified process from start to finish. Additionally, Win-Win maximizes the high school's efforts at raising funds.

To succeed with Win-Win, schools organize their students to sell the items, and it provides an excellent method for the community to help with their success. Win-Win uses the school's symbols and brand identity to provide an entertaining fundraising campaign.

“We felt compelled to put out this announcement that Win-Win’s Full Service Program requires no up-front cost to the school, and no set up work,” says Harold Clemens, Co-Founder of Win-Win Sportswear and Win-Win Spirit Wear.

The creators of Win-Win ask teachers, parents and students who read this message to pass it on to the administrators. Win-Win provides a customized fundraising program that is fun, positive, spirit building and useful.

Chris Clemens, Win Win's General Manager said, "This is another example of how client-focused our business model is. We actively solicit client feedback and respond with innovative programs designed to make their spirit wear projects easy and fun."

Important to understand, the school chooses their prices based on the profit they wish to receive from their fundraiser. The school will be in control of the pricing. Whether someone wants to maximize their fundraising efforts, or provide affordable spirit wear, the customer chooses. Win-Win uses five price and profit levels, which schools have used on a nationwide level.

Win-Win offers a turnkey solution to help PTOs, PTAs, sports organizations and schools, raising funding to ensure the quality of education. Win-Win does the work, and the school keeps the profits.

For those interested, call 877-6WINWIN, or alternatively visit the spirit wear online store at

About Win-Win
We know how hard fundraising and spirit-wear sales can be. The owners of Win-Win have logged hundreds of hours on the boards of youth sports leagues and community organizations. We also know that spirit-wear and novelty sales are a great way to fund your organization’s activities. However, administering those sales can be time consuming and financially risky.

Our years of experience have led us to the best ways to sell and make money. We really are the experts. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations make money with little, or in most cases, NO RISK.

Quality and integrity come first. Our state of the art production facility is located in the beautiful farm country outside of Chicago, Illinois. We’ve invested heavily in the latest printing technology so your products will be the best available. Our staff is dedicated to maximizing your fundraising and spirit-wear efforts. Further, our staff goes the extra mile to make your job easy. You’ll be proud of the quality products that bear your organization’s or school’s name.

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