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WindowKitty Launches to Create Privacy and Tunnel Play Proving It's the Cat's Meow

WindowKitty® is launched to provide the marketplace with a unique window seat for cats. Without damage to window blinds, now a kitty can see out without the neighbors seeing in.


Temple, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/08/2016 --With necessity being the mother of invention a new product launches to give cats a front row seat. Designed to save window blinds, protect privacy, and give a feline a good time, the WindowKitty is a three-time winner. An innovative solution to destroyed window coverings, due to the cat hogging the ledge, WindowKitty is a cat condo of sorts. It's an adjustable tunnel that sits on a windowsill with "entry ways" just big enough for a cat. Shielding homeowners and renters from prying eyes, WindowKitty creates a barrier and freedom all at the same time.

The adjustable cat window seat is a plastic two-sided tunnel complete with a toy and padding for kitty's comfort. The ultimate in home and pet care, WindowKitty is light and airy and keeps blinds straight with a specially designed functionality. The design is so practical, consumers can open the window for their favorite pal to catch the breeze. Cat lovers need only sit the WindowKitty in the windowsill, regardless of width, and adjust the length. A small installation piece is inserted while optional legs can be secured beneath for added support. For more permanent installation, small screws can be inserted into the window frame.

Brian and Christina Martinez, co-inventors of the WindowKitty said of the newest answer to cat care, "This product was born in 2008 when we needed a solution to the problem of sacrificing our privacy to maintain window blinds. We devised our first prototype out of a range hood vent and a long flute. When our cat jumped in immediately we knew we were on to something. Now we're wrapping up our patent and ready to sell."

For more information visit www.WindowKitty.com.

About WhotNot LLC
WhotNot LLC is an innovative company founded by Brian and Christina Martinez based in Temple, Texas. The company recently announced the launch of its flagship patent-pending product, WindowKitty.

WindowKitty fits windows sized 17.25" to 33".

Brian & Christina Martinez
Website: www.WindowKitty.com
Social Media: www.facebook.com/Win.Kitt
YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/NrvQ0Rof1hc