Windstar Games

Windstar Games Announces the 3D Virtual Exhibition Concept


Ahmedabad, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2021 --Windstar Games is organizing a virtual exhibition, an online event that the company has organized on a web based/ application based comprehensive virtual exhibition platform. Through the exhibition, their programmers aim to enable exhibitors to showcase their unique latest product offerings to a wide spectrum of audiences globally. During the virtual exhibition, attendees will be able to interact in real-time via live audio, video, and text chat functionalities. Windstar Games has enabled exhibitors to organize customizable virtual booths thatengage attendees from the comfort of their homes.

The main concept of behind this virtual exhibition is to invite a massive number of participants from all corners of the world. When it comes to digital facilitation, the potential market is global. In this manner, the exhibitors will be able to increase their reach and communicate their brand message to a wider audience.

Windstar games is planning to broadcast this exhibition to big markets including, Asia, Europe, Australia, China, USA, and several other countries. The exhibitors would be able to present their business on a global platform with the best technical support behind their backs.

They also plan to support and assist exhibitors in making the most out of their digital presentations and advertisements. In this manner, the exhibitors have a chance to take their brand into the mainstream media and catch the eye ofbig shot investors and clients alike.

The division of stall management is going to assist exhibitors as well as service providers to manage their presentation with perfect accuracy. There are many ways that the visitors would be able to interact and participate in the exhibition. To manage these communication channels,exhibitor will be provided with technical training and instruction manuals.

The visitors can enter the main auditorium, training room, or meeting room through getting a verification code send directly to their emails. This innovation is to make sure the safety and security of all stakeholders. Meanwhile, every stall would be manned and supervised by a Super Admin who provides technical support to stall and manages the flow of advertisement, video consultations, and digital presentations of the stall.

To facilitate the visitors, the platform has been integrated with multiple entry points such as Mobile, Desktops, and even VR. Through these channels, the stall holders would gain more visibility and interaction from their prospect clients and investors.

With a solid team of 12 digital gurus, the team has managed to sustain a 5-star rating for 88% of their current portfolio. Windstar games is eager to host their exhibition and get more and more businesses to join.