Wine Connoisseurs Can Now Lease Vines from the Famous Napa Valley Vineyard

For just $99 per vine, Pinot Noir lovers can grow their own grapes, produce their own wine, and create their own private label


Napa Valley, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/07/2016 --Dave Harmon III, founder of and owner of Napa's favorite vineyard is excited to announce that he has founded Own A Napa Vineyard. This exciting new venture will allow people to have access to the exclusive grapes which ordinarily produce Carneros della Notte's ultra-premium, award-winning wines.

As the U.S. is the largest wine consuming nation in the world, with American citizens drinking approximately three gallons each per year, leasing vines on Harmon's estate is an opportunity not to pass up. As tastes and buying preferences change, what better way for connoisseurs to enjoy a premium drink than by producing their own?

"Finally, the dream of being able to walk through a renowned Napa Valley vineyard and enjoy the priceless fruits of one's labor is an affordable reality." - David L. Harmon, III - Founder.

Each vine costs just $99 per year, and the grapes are the clones of the exquisite 777 Pinot Noir on Rootstock 110R. Owners will have 365-day access to the vineyard so that, if they want to, they can come prune, sucker, leaf, and pick their own grapes before taking them home to make their own wine. Alternatively, the vines, which will have prominent personal markers on them to distinguish them from another aficionados harvest, can be left in the capable hands of Harmon who engages in viticulture and hands-on farming to ensure that each crop is plentiful and full of flavor.

Wine lovers can also view their vines directly from a webcam feed and will receive e-mail updates about their stock. If they don't wish to, or cannot harvest the grapes themselves, they can purchase wines made from their grapes at a 50 percent discount from the Carneros della Notte winery. Even more exciting, customers can also design their own private label and have it sandblasted onto bottles.

About Own A Napa Vineyard
Own A Napa Vineyard was born from Dave Harmon III's love of wine and his desire to enhance, but not overshadow, the qualities of the grapes he grows. After spending more and more time walking the vine rows of Carneros della Notte, he realized he wanted to share the unique experience with other wine connoisseurs.

"For centuries, owning a piece of Napa Valley was simply impossible for the vast majority of people, but now with, it's not just possible, but it's extremely easy." - Dave Harmon, III.

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