Wine-Repellent Cotton Shirt from Amsterdam Is Blowing Up on Kickstarter

Kickstarter project reached funding goal in 20 hours with a shirt that repels stains, body odor, and wrinkles.


Amsterdam, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2017 --It is a faith that has befallen us all. You are wearing your finest white shirt and suddenly everything from ketchup to red wine insists on ending up on your sleeve.

Danish entrepreneur Kasper Brandi and Dutch stylist Lotte Vink have found a way to make cotton shirts odor and stain repellent. They launched 7 days ago and are already 300% funded. At the moment LABFRESH ranks as the most popular Kickstarter fashion project on earth.

What is the secret? The cotton fibers are treated with a patented INDUO® technology on a molecular level before they are spun into fabric. The treatment blocks all fluids, and the bacteria they carry, from entering the fabric, without compromising the premium feeling and breathability.

"We are part of a new generation of everyday wear that makes life easier by focusing on increased longevity and easy aftercare instead of low prices," says cofounder Kasper Brandi Petersen.

A lot has happened within performance tech in the past years. We see that sports brands are fast at embracing new technologies, but the fashion industry is slow to adapt.

"In some way Labfresh is our way of fighting fast fashion and cheap products that you only wear a few times. Labfresh empowers consumers to change irresponsible consumption patterns by developing a shirt that lasts longer and always look fresh", says cofounder Lotte Vink.

LABFRESH shirts are available on Kickstarter for $99 including all taxes and free US shipping. The minimalistic Danish design, combined with the European craftsmanship and production, ensure a look and quality that is every bit as premium and crisp as other high street shirt brands.