WineSampler Launches Subscription-Based Service to Make Finding Fine Vino Practical

Making a new way to enjoy the best wines a whole lot like a walk in the park, launches its delicious wares to a thirsty marketplace.


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2017 --Creating a run on practicality, suffice it to say, a big toast is in order for wine lovers everywhere. How so? There's a new digital age way to unearth premium wines from California Oregon and Washington without lifting a finger. Brought right to doorsteps with half bottles of the best wines in tow, gives vino fans what they've always wanted. A wine tasting club that provides variety without a hefty price tag. Now, wine curated for the platform's members will arrive every month in batches of red, white, and sparkling with nothing further to do. Imbibe, anyone?

Randall Radcliff, Owner, and CEO of WineSampler said of the launch, "Other wine clubs start you off with a low price and then require you to buy their wines at full price." At, there's no obligation to buy additional wine. If you find a wine you like, you can buy it directly from us, from the maker, or even a store near you. So now, you can sample superior wines from more wineries than you would ever be able to visit, and then buy only the ones you like. So much better than joining a winery club and then only getting to try the wines they produce. You can cancel WineSampler at any time but, you won't want to."

When members sign up for this wine tasting club, they get the chance to try wines from hundreds of vineyards and wineries in California, Oregon, and Washington. These are wines from ultra-premium, premier, and exclusive vineyards delivered in either 3,6,9, or 12 split bottle packages. From the start, members will receive half bottles of the same variety first in red then, the next month, in white. Red and white wines will alternate for as long as members maintain their subscription. Pricing starting at just $34.99 a month. Members can even add champagne and sparkling wine if they like.

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About WineSampler
WineSampler is a subscription-based service that offers the marketplace a practical way to sample wines without the high cost of winery club membership. At present, the company offers wines from California, Oregon, and Washington with plans for expansion that will include international offerings.

Randall Radcliff
Owner & CEO, WineSampler


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