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Winter Electrical Repairs Continue to Rise Due to Massive Snowstorms

The ’22-23 winter season has been record-breaking, and the weather is leading to increases in winter electrical repairs at homes across America!


Plain City, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/03/2023 --Most households utilize their electrical systems much more in the winter months, and this winter just so happens to be an extreme one in which people are staying inside even more than average years.

The overall prevalence of winter electrical repairs has significantly increased this season, and there are plenty of homes and businesses across America that are continuing to struggle with their electrical systems.

The following are some of the residential electrical repairs that have increased in demand over the past six months:

Electrical System Overloads

When a home's lights begin to flicker when certain appliances are turned on or off, or when circuit breakers are consistently tripping, then it means the home's electrical system is being overloaded. A lot of homes experience these types of overloads during the winter months due to their increased overall usage.

Although residential electricians can always check things out and see what's creating these overloads, it's often on homeowners themselves to re-evaluate their power consumption and find ways to make reductions. It's also often necessary for homes to upgrade their electrical appliances, or even their entire electrical system in order for these overloads to stop happening.

Electrical Fire Risk Mitigation

People simply love their Christmas lights, space heaters and electric blankets during the wintertime, but a lot of people forget how these types of winter electrical equipment can get worn down and outdated after many years. When frayed cords occur, it can potentially even lead to house fires!

A lot of people have whipped out their old school equipment this winter due to the extremely low temperatures all around the country, and this had led to an increased rate of electrical fires and risk mitigation appointments to help people better understand how to avoid these unwanted household disasters!

Weather-Related Power Outages

As much as everyone loves snow, it often comes with power outages that make things a lot scarier. This is especially the case in southern states that experience ice storms and have little winter weather resources.

Backup generators are now needed in most parts of America these days due to unpredictable polar jet stream cycles and increased storm severity. This is why more homeowners than ever before are teaming up with their local electricians to install generators and other safety measures to help against potential power outages.

Increasing Static Electricity in Homes

Static electricity doesn't always seem like a serious issue, until a family is constantly being zapped while lounging indoors. The truth is that static electricity can increase dramatically throughout a household during the winter months due to the dryness of the air that comes as a result of consistently running a heater.

The trick to combating increased static electricity is to install a humidifier in several rooms of a home.

Homeowners Aren't Out Of The Woods Just Yet When It Comes To Winter Electrical Repairs This Season!

Even though it's officially March, there are likely going to be several more major winter storms that travel across the United States into May.

It's important for homeowners to remember their responsibilities when it comes to recognizing and resolving winter electrical repairs, and the above list is a great place for households to start when it comes to being more proactive about their electrical systems!

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