Let’s help Knopa survive the cold

Winter Is Coming!...Let's Help Knopa Survive the Cold

Happy Paw Foundation Launches Indiegogo Fundraiser for building warm open-air cages for stray puppies


Kiev, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2013 --“Happy Paw” Foundation takes care of over 535 dogs in 17 shelters of Kyiv and Kyiv region. But there is still vacant place for 38 new open-air cages in the shelters. To do this we should take away old kennels that are not livable any more. And substitute them with new and comfortable open-air cages. Together we can save the lives of 100 dogs.

When you are cold, you want to drink a cup of tea wrapping in a plaid. But what about homeless puppies? They are really cold sensitive. Moreover, cold can be destructive for them. It’s winter soon!

During the year of taking care of the dogs in shelters, Foundation supplied their keepers with 30 tons of dry dog food, grains and minced meat; paid for vet aid, vaccination and sterilization; cured 30 dogs; found a new family for 200 dogs. To accomplish all this, financial expenditures are needed. To build 1 high-quality open-air cage costs $975.

Dogs get everything they need in the shelters but the construction of new open-air cages will give home for 100 puppies. In our plan is to build 7 new open-air cages before New Year, but we won’t be able to do this without your help.

And we will not wait until all amount ($ 6,825) will be collected. As soon as $975. is collected, that is the price of 1 open-air cage, we will begin to build it. It’s really vital to be in time for winter. Because dogs want to live and their lives are in your hands.

Support us in this important deed! Having built 7 open-air cages, we’ll be able to save some more 100 lives of our fluffy friends. As their devoted eyes and joyful wags are the best gratitude for our help.

It’s really easy to help: share this news in social networks; share this news with your friends; supply our project with building materials, and thanks to you we’ll be able to build more open-air cages, even small contribution of $3. will hasten the realization of our aim! Sincerely thank everyone who helps our fluffy friends.! http://igg.me/at/Knopa/x/3935756

About Happy Paw Charity Foundation
Having set the goal to solve the social problem of stray dogs by humane methods, Happy Paw Charity Foundation (http://happypaw.org.ua) was established in Kiev, Ukraine and is actively operating. It’s unique Ukrainian full-circle Foundation solving the problem of stray dogs by humane methods (picking them up from the street, sterilizing, vaccinating, providing temporary or continuous shelter, medical care and treatment, search of new owners, holding educational activities among pupils and students). Our Foundation is an umbrella-organization supporting 17 shelters for stray dogs and implementing 10 projects aimed at support, protection, rescue, providing of medical care to stray dogs. The Foundation is also engaged in information and education projects focused on promotion of ethical treatment of animals.