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Winter Is Not That Far Away, Now Is the Time to Prepare a Home for Cold Weather

Harsh Virginia winters can take their toll on a house. Top Dog Handyman Services offers this advice on how to prepare homes to enjoy a relaxed, worry free winter.


Warrenton, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2015 --Top Dog Professional Handyman Services states that some of the highest stresses that a home will endure come from the extremely cold winters that are common in Virginia. Moisture that has infiltrated into the house and gone unnoticed can freeze causing cracks and structural damage, improperly sealed doors and windows can allow cold air to infiltrate your home elevating heating expenses and overworked furnaces and heat exchangers can fail at the worst possible times.

To help safeguard a home and family this winter, take these three simple steps to help assure a warm and cozy winter this year.

1. Have the HVAC System Cleaned and Inspected

Dirty burners, heat exchangers or resistance coils all have to work harder and are more prone to failure when they have to fight through dirt and dust. Contaminant build up inside the ductwork causes blowers to have to work harder and can become a breeding ground for disease causing viruses and bacteria.

Having the HVAC system inspected and thoroughly cleaned will help minimize utility bills, the risks of system failure and health risk this winter.

2. Have the Roof Inspected and any Needed Repairs Performed

Minor roof leaks and damage can easily go unnoticed during the heat of summer, but once winter's chill sets in they can become major problems in a hurry. Ice forming under shingles already made brittle by the cold can cause cracking and lead to serious leaks and decking damage that is difficult to repair in cold weather.

Having minor issues taken care of before cold weather arrives can prevent minor bills from becoming major expenses.

3. Have Door and Widow Seals Repaired

The seals around doors and windows can weaken and start to leak over time. Even storm windows and doors can begin to allow cold drafts to enter a home, costing valuable heating dollars and creating uncomfortable areas.

Having the weather stripping around doors and caulking around storm windows replaced will keep a home cozy and warm even when father winter blows at his worst.

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