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Winter Skin Care Tips Offered by Organic Cosmetics Online Store Amber Beauty

Amber Beauty provide women with organic products to deal with the harsh weather of the winter.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --At this time of the year the cool weather sets in which makes a big difference to how the skin handles the different climate. Millions of women are left wondering how to deal with the cold weather and how to avoid damage to their skin, and that is why Amber Beauty a leading online organic cosmetic store has launched three tips on how to look after the skin during the winter months.

Amber Beauty who has become a leading Organic Cosmetic Online Store explained that the cold weather can play havoc with the skin. When it's cold there is less moisture in the environment and without dealing with the changes the skin can become dry and age. By using organic cosmetic products that have no hidden chemicals in them ( the skin can be cared for in all types of climates, providing complete protection all year round.

A spokeswoman for Amber Beauty said: "The cool weather has now begun and women may already start noticing a change in their skin. It is important not to ignore the change in weather and use products that helps protect the skin."

Dry skin is a huge problem and has a habit of sneaking up on people, one minute the skin is healthy, soft and glowing, and then when the cold weather sets in it can become red and rough, with signs of aging. By following the tips provided by Amber Beauty can help women avoid the problems that the cold months provide.

1. Use moisturizing products

One of the mistakes women make in the winter months is using cleansers that require a lot of water. According to Amber Beauty water can contribute to dry skin and remove the natural moisture. By using a creamy cleanser and a cotton pad it removes that problem and allows a woman to remove dirt, grime and makeup safely (

2. Facial masks

Facial masks are a great product to use all year round but are essential during the winter months. The mask is perfect for detoxing and drawing out impurities and moisturizing and nurturing the skin (

3. Lip Care

The lip skin is very thin and in the winter months it can be damaged without taking care of it and using quality organic cosmetics. The Online beauty store explained that trap lips and dry cracked lips can happen without warning. But by using quality lip care product from Amber Beauty the lips can be cared for and protected from the winter months (

About Amber Beauty
Amber Beauty has gained a reputation for providing cheap beauty products online without compromising on quality, and as such they have become one of the most recommended organic online stores. They sell a wide range of products including skin care, bath & body, cosmetics, mother & baby, and many more. By following the tips provided, women can learn how to take care of their skin in the winter months and avoid the damage and the irritation that can be caused.

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