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Wisconsin Dentist Dr. Brian Turley Offers Latest Dental Technology at Jefferson Dental Office

Patients of Dr. Brian Turley in Jefferson, WI have access to latest dental technology for improved care


Jefferson, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2016 --Dr. Brian Turley in Jefferson, WI is giving patients the best level of care by offering some of the latest dental technology at his local practice. Some of this technology includes digital X-rays, Panorex imaging, oral cancer screenings, intraoral cameras, and electric hand pieces. This technology allows Dr. Turley and his staff to provide patients with meticulous care and an improved experience during their office visit.

By offering Panorex imaging in office, Dr. Turley can capture a comprehensive view of the patient's mouth and jaw structure, something traditional x-rays cannot do. A Panorex image captures a full view of both of the patient's jaws, the temporomandibular joints, and the sinuses. This allows Dr. Turley to get a much clearer view of how the patient's entire head structure is affecting their oral and overall health. Whereas X-rays are typically used to only examine teeth, a Panorex image can help Dr. Turley diagnose other conditions like extra teeth, pathologic lesions, tumors, cysts, and other abnormalities. Panorex images are particularly valuable for younger patients with developing teeth and smiles, as this image can help dental professionals like Dr. Turley see how teeth are erupting and if there are any critical issues that need to be addressed surgically or pathologically.

Another advanced technology Dr. Turley offers at his Jefferson dental office is intraoral cameras. These likewise allow Dr. Turley and his patients to get a clearer view of the patients' teeth, only with this technology it is a close-up, color digital image. An intraoral camera is a wand-like device that is inserted into the mouth to take close images of a particular tooth. It is used as a diagnostic tool to see different angles of the mouth and teeth that at times X-rays and even Panorex images cannot capture. Intraoral cameras are also helpful for the patient because they are able to see a digital, close-up image of the tooth they need or are receiving treatment on, rather than trying to decipher difficult-to-view black and white X-ray images.

Dr. Turley also offers oral cancer screenings for patients at his Jefferson, Wisconsin dental office. These screenings are done with a device that emits ultraviolet light to diagnose any instances of cancer in their earliest stages—oftentimes earlier than can be seen with the human eye under normal conditions. This screening process is completely painless for the patient and only takes a few minutes.

About Dr. Brian Turley
Dr. Turley is an alumnus of Oklahoma School of Dentistry and has been a member of the dental profession for more than 20 years. Since completing his formal dental education, Dr. Turley has remained committed to participating in continuing education courses in order to offer his patients the latest tools, technology, and procedures the dental industry has to offer.

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