wiseHer Launches Partnership with iFundWomen to Support Women in Business


Framingham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2018 --wiseHer is a new organization that aims to help women succeed in business, career and life. wiseHer provides women battle-tested expert advice from thought leaders across the globe. They'll also be able to complete a variety of training courses at their own pace to help them find success in the areas they find most important.

wiseHer leverages human interaction with artificial intelligence to create a first of its kind on-demand platform. ?This way, women will have easy access to the content that matters most to them. Finally, the platform connects female entrepreneurs to investors looking to support female-run businesses.

Women will be able to engage in one-on-one consultation sessions with experts in various fields, helping them to get the personalized mentoring they need. These counseling sessions can help reinforce the knowledge gained from the platforms' various courses and videos, creating a complete package of assistance for female entrepreneurs.

To help bring this concept to women everywhere, the founders have partnered with iFundWomen, a new crowdfunding platform that focuses on female entrepreneurs. Before starting each crowdfunding campaign, iFundWomen vets the company to ensure that it is ready to start bringing in investments.

"wiseHer was created specifically address the common challenges women face in growing their corporate careers or their businesses. Our mission is to help women identify ways to scale their business, how to prepare and attract investors." Kathryn Rose, wiseHer founder and CEO.

wiseHer is the only on-demand resources for women in business. It includes having a detailed business plan, a fully functioning website in place and resources to attract customers. This way, women won't jump in too early when their business isn't ready, " Kara Bianchi, wiseHer's Acting Chief Marketing Officer and Advisor.

wiseHer's crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen has a funding goal of $10,000, of which it has already brought in over $2,000. The campaign will continue to run until March 31, so there is still plenty of time to bring in more investments.

Those who contribute $25 or more to the campaign will receive a collection of four ebooks on topics relating to social media and time management. For $50 or more, backers will also receive a Crush Your Goals planner, in addition to the ebook package. Other rewards include free wiseHer courses and consultation sessions, t-shirts and more. Of course, backers will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping women succeed.