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Wistex Expands Service Capabilities to Include Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives


Warminster, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2019 --As of January 2019, Philadelphia-area electrical components supply company Wistex is expanding their service capabilities to include maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting on medium voltage variable frequency drives. While they previously only offered service on low voltage variable frequency drives, Wistex hopes this move will allow them to expand their customer base and increase their expertise to include a range of new products and services.

Variable frequency drives are used to regulate electric motor speed in all sorts of applications, from HVAC to industrial, the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

For over 25 years, Wistex has been a premier supplier and distributor of low voltage variable frequency drives and other electrical components and by expanding their service capabilities, they'll have the opportunity to provide that same level of service to an entirely new customer base. In anticipation of increased business, Wistex has added an additional service technician boasting the same manufacturer certifications as the rest of their service team.

When it comes to low voltage and medium voltage variable frequency drives, nobody is more knowledgeable than Nick Pittaoulis, Sales and Service Manager at Wistex. He says there are a number of reasons why his customers might need medium voltage variable frequency drives.

"Our customers are charged for the current they use, so anything they can do to lower current usage will save them a lot of money. When you're running an electric motor, the higher the voltage, the lower the current will be. When you consider operating costs over an entire year, even a small improvement in efficiency can make a huge difference. That's why upgrading from a low voltage to a medium voltage variable frequency drive is a smart move, from a cost savings standpoint," says Pittaoulis, "In addition, limiting the starting current of electric motors puts less stress on the internal components. That means fewer mechanical failures over the life of the motor."

As for his new service team, Pittaoulis is confident in their ability to tackle all the new jobs they'll be performing.

"From initial start-up to troubleshooting and repair, our team is uniquely qualified to service both low and medium voltage variable frequency drives. We make sure they keep up on the latest manufacturer certifications for all the most popular brands so our customers can be confident they're getting the highest level of service possible."

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Wistex provides sales, distribution, and service for a wide variety of electrical components and while their service range is limited to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware, they can offer free shipping anywhere in the United States and will also ship components worldwide. For more information about their available products and services, or to request a free quote on your electrical component purchase and installation, visit their website and online store at www.wistexllc.com or call their toll-free number at 1-800-726-7307. Service team members are available to take orders and provide assistance in selecting the proper components for a given application.