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With a New Concept on Tap, Hearing Home GmbH Launches to Give the Human Touch to Hearing Care

Hearing Home GmbH opens its welcoming doors to provide premium hearing care services with a new concept steeped in the comforts of home.


Meilen, Zürich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2017 --In an industry motivated by sales volume rather than ongoing kindness and attention to detail, a new concept makes its way to the fore. Recently launched by Birgitte Hansen, a hearing consultant and Phonak Premium Hearing Aids reseller, Hearing Home GmbH is on to something. Providing services for those in need of care for hearing in Meilen, the new business gives private consultations in-house, literally. Based in her home, Hansen gives what she will only refer to as her guests, fulfilling one-on-one attention. So critical to the ongoing success of one's rehabilitation, the home-based hearing care center is a place to have the freedom to express concern, be heard, and be helped in real time.

Hansen said of the new human-centric approach to hearing care, "Taking the time to listen to our guests' successes and challenges along their entire rehabilitation journey is our mission. I couldn't find a better location than my own home to build a familiar and informal environment that my guests would respond to. My hope is, our devotion to the creation of long-term relationships will help affirm the process and speed well-being in the ways that together we find best appropriate."

For more information visit www.hearinghome.ch.

About Hearing Home GmbH
Hearing Home GmbH is a home-based hearing care center based in Meilen, Zürich, Switzerland.

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Bünishoferstrasse 280
8706 Meilen

Birgitte Hansen
Hearing Consultant & CEO, Hearing Home GmbH


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