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With FOREO, "Lazy Pretty Girls" Is No Longer a Dream

The company’s new CEO believe that their gadgets can replace the entire ecosystem of face masks.


Shanghai, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2018 --At CES 2018, FOREO, the Sweden-based brand known for creating highly advanced at-home skin care tools and toothbrushes, launched its latest beauty product, FOREO UFO. This is the world's first smart mask treatment that provides spa-level facial treatment in only 90 seconds.

Last year, the keyword "mask" ranked first in all major search sites, and this category's online sales accounted for 40% of the global beauty market. Also, statistics show that the women spend up to 120 hours on masking per year (especially in Asian countries).

Typical sheet mask treatment is time-consuming, which is the reason why Filip Sedic, founder of FOREO, wants to create products that allow lazy girls to become beautiful. Ever since establishing FOREO in 2013, Sedic, a Bosnian-born Swede, has been active in all aspects of the now multinational brand. In particular, this man plays a pivotal role in product development, heading up a team of R&D professionals collectively known as the FOREO Institute.

Under his leadership, the FOREO brand is reflected through core beliefs on innovation, imagination, and design. From the first LUNA to this year's UFO, Filip has led the company to combine beauty and practicality for more efficient and effective skin care treatment.

FOREO UFO, short for Ur Future Obsession, aims at solving problems that traditional sheet masks have, such as low penetration rate, poor facial coverage, and time-consuming troubles. UFO is not only an auxiliary tool for masks but also positioned to replace traditional masks. In 90 seconds, this smart masking tool can give the results of a typical sheet mask treatment (15-20 minutes).

UFO has a medical grade silicone body, IP68 waterproof design, as well as USB charging. The device's signature T-Sonic pulsation technology can produce 8000 pulsations per minute, which presents a more sophisticated experience than a sheet mask can. Also, UFO works with an app which will scan the mask of choice before use.

Filip points out: "This is not an independent product line, but a brand new platform. I expect that it can connect the ideal life of the future with the most cutting-edge technology."

Just like other lovely FOREO products, UFO reflects Filip's vision of the future where smart tech and skincare are perfectly combined. "For example, if you look out the window, the weather is very humid and a little soggy. Our products will clearly know how the air quality is, and whether your skin condition is dry or tired, and then adjusts itself based on these data," says Filip, " If you think further, this product can also analyze the results of your last treatment and predict what kind of treatment you will need for the next few days or weeks. So it will be very user-friendly."

The simple setup and quick execution of FOREO UFO allow users to incorporate it into the skincare routine easily. Filip believes that it can soon replace the entire ecosystem of face masks since users no longer have to place a face-shaped piece of paper over their faces, and wait for the product to soak in over time. For more information, visit us at