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WJH Engineering – Preparing for Summer Storm Assessments


Oakhurst, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2020 --WJH Engineering, a professional company that specializes in both civil and forensic engineering, is dedicated to assisting those who are subject to harsh, inclement weather. As summer approaches, hot temperatures and humidity come with it. WJH Engineering's team consists of highly-skilled engineers that work to solve the most complex technical and compliance issues both quickly and efficiently. Their staff ensures that their services are consistently rendered with speed, skill, and most importantly, the satisfaction of all their clients.

During the summer month, the weather often blends together to form abrasive and damaging summer storms, some of which even can bring hurricanes. When a storm like this blows through, the damages that result bring forth a mountain of claims along with it. If you find yourself with a pile of claims as a result of summer storms in addition to your already immense workload, WJH Engineering is ready and willing to help you and your business move those claims off your desk.

WJH Engineering has various methods to suit your needs. They are able to assess damages from drastic weather to identify future steps. They are also able to determine structure safety for proposed construction, as well as check-ins for already built structure. WJH Engineering also has the power to execute demolition plans if they identify a structure that is not safe. With a strong background in civil engineering, WJH can also provide a cause and origin investigation for all building damages. WJH's exercise includes structural determinations, fire cause, and origins, as well as HVAC failure investigations.

Upon contacting WJH engineering, they are committed to their guarantee to serve you quickly and efficiently. They will contact the insured within 1 calendar day of receiving an assignment, will schedule a site visit within 5 business days of contacting the insure, and will provide our report within 10 days of our site visit. If you have any questions or are in need of WJH's professional engineering services, please contact us by email at info@wjhengineering.com – calling 732-223-1313 or learning more at https://wjhengineering.com/

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At WJH Engineering, we are committed to establishing our civil & forensic engineering firm as a leader in the industry by building on a foundation of initiative, integrity, and adaptability. We pride ourselves on making these the cornerstones of all our professional relationships. We adhere strictly to our core principles and deliver services consistently and reliably.

Our clients can rely on our highly-skilled staff to solve the most complex technical and compliance issues quickly and efficiently. We focus on civil engineering, forensic engineering, surveying and more! We value hard work, responsibility, and precision. At WJH, collaboration and communication are key. Our staff ensures that our services are consistently rendered with speed, skill, and most importantly, satisfaction of our clients.

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