Royal Alliances

Wolverine Solutions Group Partners with Royal Alliances for Consultancy Services

Wolverine teams up with experienced presort mailing team to increase operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Irving, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2019 --Wolverine Solutions Group (WSG) taps long-standing vendor, Royal Alliances (RA), for consulting services that will increase mail presort operational efficiency and enable WSG to provide their clients with a superior experience. WSG is a renowned solutions provider that has been a staple of SE Michigan for over 40 years. With a long-standing tradition of putting their clients first, WSG has engaged RA as an industry leader in presort operational experience and a pioneering software solution to stay ahead of the curve on customer experience and reliable delivery.

"We have a strong relationship with Royal Alliances," said Robert Tokar, CEO of WSG. "Wolverine has been working with RA and utilizing their software solution for several years. Their platform allows quick access to useable data that will allow us to better manage and support our mailing operations."

"Our primary goal is to continue to drive superior results for our clients," continued Darryl English, President of WSG. "This move allows us to focus on customer value in our core business while leveraging Royal Alliances to manage presort operations. The specialization benefits our clients on both fronts. We are confident that our clients will enjoy access to the transparent and easy to use Royal Alliances software platform. Together, Royal Alliances and Wolverine Solutions Group will provide the best mailing experience for all of our clients."

About Wolverine Solutions Group: Wolverine's core business is to provide solutions that support strategic growth. Their clients utilize their deep knowledge and experience in business-critical communications to connect with their target market – whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer. They simplify processes to create efficient exchanges between their client and the target. They accomplish this by supporting their communications strategy to create, maintain, or expand the consumer relationship.

They are an integrated provider of high-value services to organizations seeking to reach consumers or other businesses by collaborating and architecting quality solutions that deliver results. Wolverine leverages vast knowledge and experience in cross media communications to satisfy, inform and educate their clients. They provide on-time, flawless execution that yields compelling value. Wolverine's integrity, commitment and personal service set the benchmark for target market expansion and retention across a range of industries.

About Royal Alliances
Royal Alliances is at the forefront of revolutionizing the mail industry by combining systems and business procedures from large and small print, fulfillment, presort, and logistics businesses on a free, easy to use, web-based software platform. Fully endorsed by the US Postal Service, Royal Alliances creates mailing industry relationships to drive increased revenue and cost reductions for partner firms. The software platform provides mail owners and service providers (e.g. presort shops) and mail service providers a solution that will make business operations easier and more manageable.

The robust software platform aligns service providers and mail owners across the country which improves efficiency for all partners. By delivering innovative and creative solutions without sacrificing the need for a user-friendly experience, Royal Alliances is giving other companies and their clients the opportunity to once again experience the excitement of the mail industry.


Jett Miller
Executive Vice President
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