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Women Wowed by the Message in Film Short, "She Said What?"

Author and speaker, Lisa N. Alexander, captures what many women experience in her new short film.


Cypress, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2015 --It's a message she believes in and is determined to share with women globally: women have to be careful what they tell themselves about themselves. Speaker, blogger and new filmmaker, Lisa N. Alexander released her first film short, "She Said What?" and women are giving it their overwhelming approval adding that the piece is "powerful" and "very deep."

Business strategist Andrea A. Callahan of Charlotte, NC said:

"This video has a message that resonates with me. Many of us don't have time to fight the negative messages we receive from everyone else because we are doing a great job of defeating ourselves. I am so proud of Lisa N. Alexander for having the courage to put on film, what most of us think, feel and combat on a daily basis."

Business owner Betty-Anne White of Sheboygan, WI said, "This is a great video. I love how this was thought through."

Joan Olsen of New York said, "EXCELLENT! Thank you for the message, I needed to hear it."

Houston fashion blogger Shalanda "Shasie" Turner simply said, "Amazing!" while Houston author and parenting coach Denika Carothers said she, "Loved it!"

The film briefly depicts the typical things women tell themselves that can discourage them from launching that new business, returning to school, or even seeing themselves as capable or talented.

Alexander is passionate about women becoming women who know their value and worth and she says that starts with first "controlling the stories we tell ourselves."

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